This Man Ate An Entire Airplane A Superhuman Ability To Digest Metals!

This Man Ate An Entire Airplane | A “Superhuman” Ability To Digest Metals!

Imagine being able to munch on bicycles for breakfast or snack on an airplane; sounds impossible, right? However, this story is real. Michel Lotito, known as Monsieur Mangetout or “Mr. Eat-All,” turned this unimaginable stunt into reality. He even earned a Guinness World Record for the “world’s strangest diet.” This French performer didn’t just stop at metal and rubber. Glass was also part of his extraordinary menu. By the age of 57, he has eaten 18 bicycles, 15 supermarket trolleys, 8 chandeliers, and of course an entire airplane. Lotito’s ability has left many scratching their heads in wonder and skepticism. How did he survive all this time with such a disastrous diet? Let’s take a look. 

Started With A Simple Party Trick!

From a young age, Lotito was no ordinary child. At eight, he began to explore sophrology, diving into self-hypnosis and relaxation techniques that helped him manage pain. It was at 16, however, that his taste for the bizarre blossomed. Starting with a simple party trick, his unique diet quickly escalated into a career. It got him munching on metals on TV shows across South America and Canada.

The Diet That Defies Belief: Eating An Airplane!

Lotito’s menu was nothing short of extraordinary. From 18 bicycles to a whole Cessna 150 airplane, his diet included items that would be deadly for an average human. Yet, he had a process. He cut all objects into bite-sized pieces with a power saw. Then he swallows them like pills. It doesn’t stop there. He is using mineral oil and water to wash them down.

In 1978, he attempted to eat a Cessna 150 aircraft. Lotito did this seemingly impossible task within a period of two years. Initially, Lotito cut the aircraft’s parts into small pieces to ease the digestion. He then gradually ate around one kilogram of material every single day. Before and after consuming a load of heavy metals, he would take some mineral oil to pass it down. He also used plenty of water to wash them down through the throat. After two years, in 1980, he successfully finished consuming the last bit of the Cessna 150 aircraft.

The Science Behind the ‘Superhuman’ Feat

What made Michel Lotito’s diet possible? The condition is known as pica. It is a psychological disorder characterized by eating items that aren’t typically considered food, which might explain part of it. But Lotito’s capabilities were beyond the ordinary case of pica. His teeth could exert a force of eight tonnes per square centimeter. Not just that. His stomach walls are found to be thick and they also secrete juices so potent they could dissolve metal. Yet, despite his extraordinary consumption, examinations showed his internal anatomy wasn’t much different from anyone else’s.

This Man Ate An Entire Airplane
Image source: Yahoo Autos / Lifestyle Kompas


Michel Lotito’s life challenges our understanding of the human body’s limits. His feats not only fascinated me but also warned me of the dangers of pushing those boundaries too far. Lotito’s legacy is a testament to human curiosity and the thin line between marvel and caution. As we reflect on his incredible story, we’re reminded of the importance of exploring the unknown while respecting the limits of our bodies.

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