Shocking Tragedy Follows The British Line of Kings Monarchy's Last Crowned Kings Face The Same Fate!

Shocking Tragedy Follows The British Line of Kings | Monarchy’s Last Crowned Kings Face The Same Fate!

Recent news regarding King Charles III, monarch of the United Kingdom shocked the world. King Charles was recently admitted to the hospital following an enlarged prostate. But his diagnosis took an awful turn as he was diagnosed with cancer. However, this announcement came as a shock to many as there is a surprising history with the British Monarch’s line of Kings. There seems to be a bizarre pattern of similar fates or a history that’s repeating itself. The last 3 crowned Kings of the Monarchyincluding Prince Charles III were all diagnosed with Cancer! Let’s have a closer look at the 3 Kings who were confronted with this ill fate.

Ill-fated Crowned Kings

King Edward VIII 

Edward VIII served as the King of the United Kingdom and the Dominions of the British Empire, and Emperor of India. He ruled the Monarchy from 20 January 1936 until his abdication in December of the same year. His reign only lasted 326 days and he was one of the shortest-reigning British monarchs. Surprisingly, King Edward VIII was also diagnosed with throat cancer and died on 28 May 1972

Edward became king following the death of his father, George V. However, he abdicated the throne to marry the American socialiteWallis Simpson. His title after his marriage was changed to the Duke of Windsor.

tragey follows british line of kings
Image source: The Irish Sun / Chards

King George VI

King George VI, the younger brother of King Edward VIII and the father of the late Queen Elizabeth II, was crowned in 1936. He ruled the United Kingdom and the British Commonwealth for 16 years. Adding more to the eerie similarity, the late queen’s father was diagnosed with lung cancer. The king had part of his left lung removed and never made a full recovery. He died a year later after the unfortunate diagnosis. 

Image sources: People / Parade / National Portrait Gallery (King George VI with Queen Elizabeth II)

King Charles III

Charles ascended to duties as the King on 8 September 2022 following the death of his mother, the late Queen Elizabeth II. He was officially crowned on May 6, 2023. Without even having to be on the throne officially for a year, King Charles faced the unfortunate fate. This is shockingly as same as the tragic destiny of the 2 kings before him. 

Recently, the king was admitted to a hospital to receive treatments for a prostate enlargement. During the time of treatment, the medical team was able to diagnose the cancer. The type of the cancer is not yet revealed, but according to sources he is going through with the treatment. The king will not be able to attend public duties for a while, but he will perform State business and official paperwork as required. 

tragey follows british line of kings
Image source: CNN

Other Royal Family Members Diagnosed With Cancer

Queen Elizabeth (The Queen’s Mother)

The Queen’s Mother was also diagnosed with multiple cancers throughout her days in the Monarchy with her husband George V. They weren’t shared with the public until years after her death. She was diagnosed with breast cancer and colon cancer. She had undergone surgery with breast cancer.

Image source: Wikipedia /National Portrait Gallery (Queen Elizabeth II and the Queen’s Mother Elizabeth)

Sarah, The Duchess of York

Sarah Ferguson, the former wife of Prince Andrew announced her breast cancer diagnosis last year. Less than a year later, she was again diagnosed with malignant melanoma.

Image source: Gala / Brides


The recent diagnosis of King Charles III with cancer continues a startling pattern among British monarchs. His predecessors, King Edward VIII and King George VI, both faced similar fates, having been diagnosed with throat and lung cancer, respectively. This recurrence of cancer in the royal lineage, including Queen Elizabeth (the Queen Mother) and Sarah, Duchess of York, raises questions about possible genetic inclinations or something else mysterious within the royal family. As King Charles III undergoes treatment, his ability to perform public duties is limited. However, he remains committed to fulfilling state business and official paperwork. 

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