This Woman From Uganda Gave Birth To 44 Children She Had Them All By The Age 40!

This Woman From Uganda Gave Birth To 44 Children | She Had Them All By The Age 40!

In the heart of Uganda, a story unfolds that challenges the boundaries of maternal strength and the human body’s capabilities. Mariam Nabatanzi is a name that resonates with resilience and an almost otherworldly ability to give life. She is also Known affectionately as ‘Maama Uganda‘ or ‘Mother Uganda.’ Mariam achieved the unbelievable feat of giving birth to 44 children by the age of 40! Even after having 44 children, Mariam’s husband abandoned her in 2015. This woman has a maternal journey unlike any other and she has incredible grit in the face of life’s most daunting trials. Let’s dive deeper into the story of Miriam and her 44 children.

A Life Unlike Any Other: A Child Bride and a Young Mother!

Mariam’s life story reads like a history marked by early challenges and extraordinary circumstances. Her journey into motherhood began prematurely. She was married off at just 12 years old and gave birth to her first child by the age of 13. Her prolific childbearing was the result of a rare genetic condition that led to hyperovulation. This condition causes enlarged ovaries and the birth of sets of babies.

Mariam gave birth to Five sets of quadruplets, five sets of triplets, four sets of twins, and a single child. Her last child is the only single child she has. Tragically, Mariam faced abandonment by her husband. He left her to shoulder the heavy responsibility of supporting her expansive family alone in their rural home in Kasawo, Mukono district.

The timeline of Mariam’s childbearing years paints a picture of relentless challenges combined with joy. The resilience required to provide for her children while managing her health under the constraints of her condition is nothing short of remarkable. In 2019, she underwent a medical procedure to stop further pregnancies, closing the chapter on her already significant legacy of life.

Woman From Uganda Gave Birth To 44 Children
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“A Child is never a mistake.”

Mariam Nabatanzi

Life in Kasawo: Raising 44 Children as a Single Mother

Mariam’s daily life with her children in Kasawo is a constant juggling act involving the careful management of scarce resources, strategic provision for her family’s needs, and community support. Despite the daunting odds, she works part-time as a tailor, herbalist, and hairdresser. She also relies on donations to get by. Mariam’s unwavering spirit in the face of hardship helps keep her large family afloat in a modest home. This home is strung together with the help of well-wishers and is made up of basic living quarters.

Mariam Nabatanzi Now: A Mother’s Legacy

Today, Mariam’s legacy continues as she nurtures her children. The oldest now approaching adulthood and the youngest is still under her wing. Her aspirations for them are as boundless as her love. Despite the obstacles, she dreams of better days ahead. Her visionary plans for the family’s well-being include acquiring arable land and establishing businesses to ensure sustainability and economic independence.


The incredible tale of Mariam Nabatanzi, the woman from Uganda who gave birth to 44 children, captivates the heart and mind. Through her journey of struggle, sacrifice, and sheer willpower, Mariam has embodied the essence of maternal love and endurance. Her story does not merely echo in the corridors of Kasawo but serves as an inspiration and a reminder of what one woman can achieve and overcome.

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