Story Of The Man Who Jet Skied Off Niagara To His Death | His Last Moment Captured On Camera!

Driven by a mission to shine a light on homelessness, Overacker embarked on a breathtaking jet ski stunt over Niagara Falls, hoping to capture the world's attention.

Equipped with a jet ski and a specially designed parachute, the 39-year-old stuntman aimed to join the ranks of Niagara's legendary daredevils.

Before the eyes of loved ones, Overacker's dream took flight. But as he soared over the Canadian side, his parachute failed, marking a tragic turn.

Recovered by the Maid of the Mist, attempts to revive him were in vain. The coroner pronounced the daredevil , leaving a legacy tinted with sorrow.

Witnesses' footage offers a chilling glimpse into Overacker's final moments, immortalizing the stunt's shocking end.