Plan a Safe and Fun-Filled Summer Trip for Your Family to a Destination with Clean Air

Plan a Safe and Fun-Filled Summer Trip for Your Family to a Destination with Clean Air!

Americans like to travel, regardless of money constraints. And summer gives them the perfect reason to plan and fly to their chosen hotspots. Earlier, one needed to focus on budget, preferences, activities, and accommodations. But there is another element to consider – air quality. On vacations, people spend most of their time outdoors. It means their exposure to pollution will be higher. Polluted air can worsen your health, and sensitive groups can be more exposed to the risks. Hence, it’s better to choose a safe place. During planning, you can look at your destination’s AQI or air quality index. An AQI of 0-50 or so shows the location has fresh air. However, avoiding a site with an AQI of 100 and above is better.

Visit to find out whether your choice of summer hotspot is there on the list of clean air. At the same time, here are some suggestions for a few New York places with an AQI of 0-57. These include Coney Island, The Hamptons, and Montauk.


On a scale of 0-57, this balmy summer location has an AQI of 32. On South Fork at Long Island, this beachfront village offers moments of peace and joy away from the city’s daily hustles. It’s an ideal paradise for hikers, surfers, and history enthusiasts. When here, you cannot miss attractions like Montauk Point Lighthouse, arguably the oldest lighthouse in NY. The structure is 110’6″ tall, basking in its majesty. You also have many state parks that lead to scenic trails and views. Check out Kirk Park Beach in Montauk if you want to avoid crowds. Swimming, lounging, and family day out will be the highlight.

The Hamptons

With an AQI of 37, this can be another fascinating summer vacation destination for many. It has 20 villages by the sea, which pursue fishing, farming, and whaling. During summer, it can be jam-packed for its ability to offer tourists many outdoor recreational opportunities, shopping, and fine dining experiences. Some beaches provide fabulous surfing, paddling, and kayaking options.

Coney Island

On AQI, Coney Island in New York has a 56 rating. Although its popularity has peaked since the 20th century, this seaside amusement center drew more attention after being captured in films and music. It is fascinating to note in this context that modern travelers plan their trips inspired by movies, news channels, and TV programs. Hence, this doesn’t surprise you when you find others also having this place on their summer travel bucket list. Children have rides and wacky things to look forward to, while adults can create memorable memories here. In summer, you can visit concerts and movie theaters at night. Even a mermaid parade can be of interest. It will be a straightforward journey if you head to Coney Island from midtown Manhattan.

Vacations are about enjoyment, but you seek this for your health. That’s why selecting a hotspot with safe air is a necessity. It will allow you and your companions to nourish their minds, body, and soul. The fresh air will recharge your batteries, preparing you to return to your ordinary work life with new energy.

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