Most Dangerous Texas Cities to Drive In

5 Most Dangerous Texas Cities to Drive In

Texas is the second-largest state in the United States in terms of both population and area. This state is popular for its delicious foods, diverse landscapes, fun activities, and amazing cowboy culture.

However, many people don’t know that this place is filled with aggressive drivers. From 2016 to 2022, around 37.6% of pedestrian fatalities happened on an interstate or U.S. highway in Texas.

These statistics prove that driving in this state isn’t as safe as it seems. Driving on freeways and highways lined with oil and gas trucks or rural roads with low cell reception and bad lighting is extremely challenging. Every year thousands of fatal Texas car accidents happen on these roads. This is why these types of roads and highways are considered one of the most dangerous roads in Texas.

With millions of vehicles hitting the roads daily, Texas cities have challenging driving conditions and high accident rates. However, every city is different because some Texas cities are more dangerous than others. If you end up in a car accident due to someone else’s negligence, always remember that getting help from a car accident lawyer is extremely helpful.

Texas is a large state with a lot of traffic. This means there is always a risk of being involved in a car accident. However, some cities in Texas are more dangerous to drive in than others.

This article explains the top five most dangerous Texas cities to drive in. So whether you’re planning to visit this state or have already been living there for many years, this guide will help you know where you must be extremely careful while driving.

Let’s dive in.

Leading Causes of Crashes in Texas

Texas is one of the top states with the most number of accidents and collisions. It has been reported that there has been an increase in serious car crashes of 2.5% from 2022. This means that there were 4,068 fatal car accidents reported in Texas in 2022.

Here are some of the main causes of fatal motor vehicle accidents in Texas:

  • Drunk Driving            
  • Speeding                   
  • Distracted Driving      
  • Unsafe Merging/Lane Changes                                 
  • Aggressive Driving                 
  • Following too closely             
  • Violation of Road Safety Rules                    
  • Unsafe Left-Turns

Worst Cities For Drivers In Texas 

1. Houston

Houston is one of the most popular cities in Texas; however, it’s also known for having a high rate of accidents. There are over 16,000 miles worth of roads in Houston which are filled with more traffic than they should be.

The large population, extensive road networks, and never-ending construction projects contribute to more traffic and violation of road safety. This leads to serious car crashes and fatal motor vehicle accidents. Thus, making it one of the most dangerous cities to drive in Texas. 

2. Waco

Another city in Texas where you should be extremely careful while driving is Waco. This city is the 24th largest city in Texas and the 192nd largest city in the United States. According to a Texas Department of Transportation report, there were a total of 3,372 crashes until March 2023 in this city. Another report shows that 31 people got involved in serious accidents in Waco city of Texas. These stats show that according to the population of current Waco city, 142,241 (2023), the accident rate is quite high. 

3. Austin

Austin is the state capital, and it’s also known for its eclectic music and youthful vibes. However, with the rapid increase in the population, traffic congestion has become even worse. About 962,000 people live in the Austin metropolitan area, and 83% drive daily to and from work.

This factor alone is one of the major reasons behind Austin’s traffic and road safety issues. Also, highways and roadways have multiple intersections with confusing layouts, increasing the risk of collisions. All these things lead to higher accident rates in Austin.

If you or someone you know get involved in a car crash, you can take help from an Austin car accident lawyer. These professionals have legal knowledge and years of experience in handling personal injury cases. They will help you to get a fair settlement for your injuries and losses.

4. Dallas

Dallas is the third-largest city in Texas; undoubtedly, it’s one of the most wonderful places to visit. However, one absolutely annoying thing is its traffic and road safety issues.

Dallas has traffic problems, including distracted driving, drunk driving, and aggressive driving, which causes severe road accidents and deaths. Look at this report by Texas Motor Vehicle Crash Statistics, which shows there were 55,634 total crashes in Dallas in 2021. These rash driving habits and inadequate road maintenance lead to fatal collisions and crashes. This is why it’s vital to drive carefully in Dallas.

5. San Antonio

We all know the rich history and vibrant cultural heritage of San Antonio. This is why it is one of the popular tourist spots in Texas. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the most dangerous places to drive. Here the road infrastructure is quite complex, and this results in a number of collisions and car accidents.

According to the Texas Department of Transportation, in 2021, there were over 55,000 crashes in San Antonio, resulting in over 300 fatalities. Most of these cases are caused by reckless driving behaviors, such as speeding and distracted driving.

Tips For Safe Driving

Here are some safe driving tips every driver in Texas should know:

  • While driving, pay attention to the traffic and signals. Ensure you’re aware of your surroundings while taking a turn or merging lanes.
  • Don’t over speed.
  • Don’t drink and drive.            
  • Avoid eating, texting, and talking over the phone while driving.        
  • Be well-prepared for the current weather and road conditions.        


In recent years, there has been a rapid increase in Texas car accidents and pedestrian accidents. The cities mentioned above have the highest rate of collisions and accidents. From the congested streets of Houston to the bustling highways of Dallas, you’ll face different road conditions. This is why knowing your surroundings while driving is vital to avoid such devastating situations.

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