10 Weirdest Menu Items at KFC | You Won’t Believe These Are Real 

Kentucky Fried Chicken, or, as it is more widely known, KFC, is one of the most popular fast food franchises globally. Weirdest Menu Items at KFC grows its international presence by catering to the local flavor of each country in which it operates. Some of these weirdest menu items you won’t believe are real. 

This is good news for seekers of unusual flavor combinations as it doesn’t get any better than some of these items we find on KFC menus worldwide. Let’s look at the 10 weirdest menu items found at KFC, and you can decide if they’re worth the risk.

1. Golden Matcha Balls

The contradictory combination of ingredients used in the first wired item on our list left some users horrified. Matcha, a green powder made of finely ground, specially grown, and processed green tea leaves coated with a crunchy batter of cheesy and oily goodness, makes up the KFC Golden Matcha Balls. 

It gives dinners an average taste experience, but for all our seekers of weird menu items, this one should be on your bucket list. It costs around $2 – $3. Try this matcha ball recipe at home.

2. Cereal Chicken

KFC has added a new kind of Weirdest menu item, crisp to their chicken. The cereal chicken has a layer of deep-fried Nestum, some curry leaves, and other seasoning that reviewers have declared delicious! Even the french fries have been dressed up in a crispy Nestum batter. So many positive reviews mean that this item is worth trying. Add crushed curry leaves and Nestum to this recipe to make your own. It is rumored to be available for a limited time only.

Like regular KFC meals, the 2 Pieces Cereal Chicken Meal ($10.50) is for one person. If you want to share, there’s the 4 Pieces Cereal Chicken Buddy Meal ($22.95) and the 8 Pieces Cereal Chicken Family Feast ($42.95). These are great for enjoying a meal with friends and family.

3. Chizza

By popular demand, KFC brings back its iconic Chizza, the chicken pizza that’s all chicken. Available at 600+ outlets worldwide, All over the world, this unusual version of pizza has captured the tastebuds of many. 

According to many social media reviews, it has positive reviews. The lack of bread doesn’t seem to have taken anything away from the creation so It would be a good experience. It costs around $3 – $4. Woul you like to try it at home?

4. Double down sandwich

Looking at another Weirdest item, Moving on with KFC chefs’ love of creating pure chicken items, we have the double-down sandwich which is a cheesy bacon sandwich that replaces bread with fried chicken slabs. Talking about its delicious, after one bite, your senses would explode with the juicy and crunchy textures combined with delectable flavors. 

It costs around $9 – $12 and gives you 950 calories. With this simple recipe, you can try it on your own too. The double down has KFC lovers worldwide excited, so hurry and get yours today. 

5. Cola BBQ wicked wings

KFC has introduced a spicy cola-flavoured sauce that has a mouth-watering result. The cola and chicken blend surprisingly well, but all across the board consumers complained about the lack of sauce per serving. 

Also, the price seems a bit high for the portion of six wings and  it costs around $14.95. In terms of enjoying an unusual combination of flavours, this item is worth a try. Also, would you like to try making the sauce at home? You can view recipe.

6. Kentucky fried Oreos

The delicious Kentucky Fried Oreos come with the release of the South Africas Cape Town-inspired menu. World-famous Oreo cookies deep-fried in batter have dessert lovers everywhere longing to try them themselves. Unhealthy but intriguing, the fried Oreos are the number one item in this collection of flavours and well worth the money paid for them.

You can buy this delicious dish for around $1-$3. If you’d like to make your own check this recipe

7. Golden Durian Mochi Ball

The reputation of durian encompasses an aroma that is pungent and, to some, unbearable. So what was the reasoning behind this creation by KFC Singapore? Miraculously, they have managed to reduce the overpowering fragrance and maintain the flavour of this tropical delicacy. Reviewers are not entirely sold on the taste and feel it’s good to try at least once, but it will probably not be a permanent menu item.  You can buy just now at $3.95 for five pieces.

8. Doughnut Zinger Burger

The reality of this burger is far from the picture depicted in the advertisement. The burger consisted of two doughnuts and a portion of fried chicken with no sauce or seasoning. However, the taste was satisfactory, and it inspired many copycat recipes. It is worth trying at least once. This fast food item you can buy under $2.64

9. Zinger Porridge

As we near the end of our list, we come to the most unusual and unappealing dish we have encountered so far from KFC. The Zinger Porridge, the name in itself, will be adequate to turn away everyone, but it was the most adventurous for seekers of unusual food. Surprisingly, the dish has many positive reviews.  

10. Mac ‘N Cheese Zingerito

The final item on our weird menu list is KFC Mac’ n Chesse Zingerito. It’s definitely not anyone’s idea of healthy food but it makes up for it in flavour and texture. According to youtube video which has mention about item, it has positive reviews. A combination of the world famous KFC chicken and the go to comfort food of many- Mac’n Cheese.

So there we have our top recommendations for the Weirdest Menu Items at KFC. We hope that all seekers of the unusual find what they’re looking for here and let us know which ones were your favorite.

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