10 Weirdest Menu Items at Burger King Are They Worth a Try

10 Weirdest Menu Items at Burger King | Are They Worth a Try? 

Navigating the world of fast food has never been more exciting for people with preferences for unusual food. Fast food restaurants have created some bizarre food combinations which have either been a resounding success or a catastrophic failure. Some of the weirdest menu items can be found around the world at Burger King.

They have even gained viral popularity through the song “Ballin’ by Mustard & Roddy Ricch” which trended on Tiktok. While some are not appealing at first glance, they turned out to be delicious despite their unusual appearance or unconventional combinations. We hope you enjoy this list of weirdest menu items at Burger King and, believe us when we say, they’re worth a try. 

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Sadly the Real Cheese Burger, an item that would have appealed to the unusual flavour seekers, was discontinued on the 20th of July 2023. The acronym ‘S.M.’ indicates items on their secret menu. These will need a bit more effort and commitment to locate. 

1. The Kuro Ninja Burger


We’ll start out this list with a modified version of a Japanese menu item which is weird in itself, the charcoal black Kuro burger.This new version includes a symbolic ninja ‘Tongue’ made of bacon. Thus the Kuro Ninja Burger was born. Appearance wise it is not appealing but according to reviews, it tastes delicious.

If nothing else, you could walk away with a cute ninja sticker which comes with every purchase of a medium or large meal, available at all Japanese outlets. 

So how is it made?

2. The Impossible Whopper – Healthy choice 100% vegan beef substitute

Consisting of a plant based, 100% vegan, flame grilled patty, this menu item is a weird and also healthy choice. It’s hard to discern who this might appeal to in terms of comparability to the standard beef patty as its slightly spongy texture doesn’t compare favourably to regular beef. However, it maintains the flame-grilled beef flavour well, while reducing greasiness. Is it worth trying? Definitely yes. 

Availability? – All locations worldwide

Exactly how is it made?

3. The Quad Stacker

You’ve tried their double and triple burger offerings but have you tried the Quad? This burger is a sensational stack of 4 alternating cheese slices and beef patties topped with 8 slices of bacon which creates a gastronomical delight. The burger bun is regular sized unlike the whopper and other premium burgers which have a slightly larger bun. Are you brave enough to try it? It depends on whether you will after learning what its more popular and taboo nickname is?

Wanna try it? Available at all locations

So what’s inside it?

4. The Swiss ‘N Shroom Whopper Melt

Mushrooms and cheese, anyone? An eyebrow raising combination but nothing is too weird for the creatives at Burger King who enjoy giving their customers a chance to take a walk on the culinary wild side. As per this review, it’s an experience not to be missed as Burger King very rarely takes risks with their flagship item the whopper. The sauce itself is an innovation not available in any other burger. 

Available at all locations across the globe. Want to see it being made?

@Burger King KK

5. Mutton Whopper

Yes you read that right. A whopper made from goat meat instead of beef. As the cow is a sacred animal in India, the beef version of the whopper is not available. This is a rare opportunity for our lovers of unusual and weird fast food items as this is not available at any Burger King outlet anywhere else in the world. One reviewer claims that the taste is a bit bland when compared to beef but it’s an acceptable flavour.

Would you try it? Head on over to India for this unusual experience. Wondering what’s inside?

@Burger King India

6. Out-of-season Angry Whopper

The comeback of the century. Many BK frequenters were disappointed when the Angry Whopper and the subsequent Angriest Whopper were discontinued. There were even some Facebook groups tracking the return of this spicy treat. The term ‘angry’ was used to give the impression of spiciness. Good news for fans and newbies everywhere who longed for a chance to try it out. 

Availability? – All US outlets. Check out what’s inside.

7. Doritos Chili Heatwave Chicken Fries

This delicious crunchy snack consists of fries made entirely from chicken breast meat, dusted with Chili Heatwave flavoured Doritos, and covered in crushed tortilla chips. Rumours of this unusual combination circulated in April and were treated as an April Fool’s Day prank. However, it’s real, available, and has received commendation as a God-tier combination of flavours. You should definitely give it a try.

Availability? All outlets worldwide. Want to make it at home?

8. Garlic Meat Beast (Japan)

If you ever have the urge to travel to Japan to satiate your longing for weird menu items and if you are a fan of garlic this burger is for you. Vegetarian and vegan diners please proceed with caution. Made for diehard meat lovers, The Meat Beast is a five inch diameter burger with a combination of three types of meat : a quarter-pound of beef, a pork sausage patty, and a chicken fillet, followed by a layer of crisp, thinly-sliced garlic slices. Worth the trip? Definitely. 

Availability? – Available in Japanese outlets.

9. Barbie Menu (Brazil)

Not one item but a whole themed meal based on the latest Barbie movie. A double whopper complete with a mysterious hot pink sauce has consumers commenting that pepto bismol has been added to counteract indigestion. A pink doughnut and a pink milkshake completes this wholesomely innovative menu. Introduced to Burger King outlets in Brazil on the 12th of July, it is yet uncertain whether this menu will appear at BK in other countries. Would you try it? 


Combo da Barbie no Burger King ✨💖 o que acharam?! 💞 marca quem vai com você #combobarbie #barbiebk #combobk #filmedabarbie #barbiecore

♬ Barbie Girl – Lady Aqua

The Barbie menu has hit all outlets in Brazil for now. Hopefully it will be available near you soon. 

Watch it all come together here.

10. Ketchup Nuggets

The King of controversial menu items has launched this menu item in outlets across Canada. The Ketchup Nuggets are creating confusion among reviewers as the taste is incomparable to any item that preceded it. It features nugget sized pieces of white chicken meat coated in ketchup and deep-fried until crispy on the outside yet tender and juicy on the inside. The accompanying flavours of dipping sauces exclusively from Heinz are not available in retail. Mixed reviews but mostly favourable. Worth a try? Yes we think so. 

Try it now at any BK outlet near you. Take a closer look here.

So there we have our list of the weirdest menu items at Burger King. We hope you enjoyed our compilation and we wish you all the best on your culinary journey. 

Try it yourself – create Burger King Chicken Nuggets from the comfort of your own kitchen.


Are all these items obtainable?

As of 2023 all of the mentioned items are available on the regular menus or where mentioned as part of their secret menus.

Will the items that are outside the US be available at US outlets?

Probably not. Sources do not confirm the addition of country specific menu items to the US outlet menus and Burger King does not have a previous history of making all international items available within the US.

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