How Do I Get My License Back After a DUI in California? 

Driving under intoxication or driving under the influence (DUI) arrests can lead to license suspensions, which can have serious repercussions. A license suspension can have far-reaching consequences, making it difficult to maintain employment, attend necessary medical appointments, and complete other mundane daily tasks.

Your future and freedom are in peril if you have an outstanding warrant in San Diego, are under arrest for DUI or other crimes, or have been convicted and sentenced to jail time. The Superior Law Center offers criminal DUI lawyers a free consultation. The Superior Law Center is ready to help you win your case.

The good news is that you can use strategies to either reinstate your license or keep it from being revoked in the first place. Schedule an administrative hearing with the DMV, apply for a restricted license, and ask to be reinstated.

Set a DMV hearing

Suppose you’ve been arrested for DUI in California. In that case, you have ten days from the date of your arrest to file a request for a DMV hearing to contest the suspension of your driving privileges. The decision regarding your suspension will either be reversed or sustained after this hearing. 

Get a lawyer to help you during this hearing so that you have the best possible outcome. If the suspension is upheld, you will lose your driving privileges for 30 days (called a “hard suspension”). Within this 30 days, you will not be able to use your license.

Try to get a license with restrictions

Suppose this is the only DUI-related crime you’ve committed in the last ten years. You were at least 21 when you were arrested. In that case, you may be able to get a restricted or “hardship” license by joining a licensed DUI First Offender program.

 If you ask, your program provider will send a “Proof of Enrollment Certificate” to the DMV. After that, you must pay a reissue fee and show proof of financial responsibility. A hardship license will let you drive for five months to get to and from work and your DUI program.

Request a reinstatement

License restoration is possible after a whole suspension period has ended so long as the driver has not been found in violation of the suspension’s provisions and has provided evidence of insurance, completion of the DUI program, and the payment of a reinstatement fee. You must inform your insurance carrier of your DUI arrest to provide evidence of insurance. 

If they decide to continue coverage, they will give you a document called an SR-22 form to prove that you are still insured despite your arrest. You must also serve any jail time imposed as part of your criminal DUI prosecution before your license can be reinstated.

Protect Your Driving Privileges

When facing a DUI charge in San Diego, hundreds of people have turned to Superior Law Center for assistance. Even though every case is different, we always strive to have our clients’ DUI charges dismissed or reduced to a “wet and reckless” offense. 

Talk to our DUI attorney right now! We’re here to talk about how we can assist you in getting your charges lowered or perhaps dropped so you can keep driving legally and avoid losing your license.

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