Trixy’s Magic Reigns Supreme as Alex Mitchell Lights up BGT Semi-Finals Night 5

In the spotlight of BGT Semi-Finals Night 5, Alex Mitchell’s comedic brilliance dazzled alongside Trixy’s mesmerizing magic, captivated the audience’s hearts and captured the spots in the grand finale.  In the world of British talent, a million dreams come true in a single night. The stage of grand finale waits for the next star to shine. With each passing semi-final episode, the excitement surges, and the spotlight beams to reveal the next star. On semi-finals night 5, the last incredibly talented finalists of BGT season 17 were revealed.

The first act to seize the nation’s hearts was the incredibly talented comedian Alex Mitchell. The battle raised for the last seat of the finals, the clash of titans between two exceptional acts Incredible magician Trixy and soul-stealing singers Denise and Stefan. Trixy won the judge’s vote, and captured the last seat of the BGT season 17 grand finale.

Summary of BGT Semi-Finals Night 5

Gambino Akuboy Trixy, Messoudi Brothers, The Dark Hero, Alex Mitchell, AmaSing, CyberAgent Legit, Denise, and Stefan performed on the semi-finals night 5. Comedian Alex Mitchell charmed audiences with his wit, securing his place among the finalists. However, it was magician Trixy who stole the show, emerging victorious in a thrilling showdown against soulful duo Denise and Stefan. Alongside Innocent Masuku and Ssaulabi Performance Troupe to the Jack Rhodes and Haribow.

Simon CowellAlesha DixonAmanda HoldenBruno Toniolil
Gambino AkuboySingingEliminated
TrixyMagic2nd (Won Judge’s Vote)
Messoudi BrothersJugglingEliminated
The Dark HeroOpera singingEliminated
Alex Mitchell
Comedy1st (Won Public Vote)
CyberAgent LegitRobotic dancing, acrobatics and breakdancing
Denise & Stefan
Singing3rd (Lost Judge’s Vote)

BGT series 17 Semi – Finals Night 5
BGT Series 17

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