This Woman Sees Future After Being Struck By A Lightning That Killed Her!

This Woman Sees Future After Being Struck By A Lightning That Killed Her!

Elizabeth Krohn‘s life took a dramatic turn one late afternoon in September 1988. Elizabeth, a mother from the US, took her two young sons to the synagogue amidst a thunderstorm. As she reached for her umbrella with her wedding ring finger touching the shaft, a lightning bolt struck her. This moment became out of the ordinary as it led to a near-death experience (NDE) that transformed her life forever.

When Elizabeth was struck, she found herself outside her body, looking down at her lifeless form. Her children, Jeremy and Andy, were screaming in fear and pain, yet Elizabeth’s consciousness was strangely intact. She recalls thinking about her umbrella and seeing it outside, realizing she was dead but still very much aware.

“I thought, where’s my umbrella? So I looked out the window. Sure enough, there was my umbrella in the parking lot. I looked to the right, about 20 feet from the umbrella, and I saw me on the ground.”

Elizabeth Krohn tol Shaman Oaks podcast

A Glimpse Beyond: The Otherworldly Garden

In her NDE, Elizabeth was transported to a garden unlike anything on Earth. The plants and flowers were bursting with colors and Elizabeth was at a loss for words trying to describe it all. According to her, it was an overwhelming experience filled with unconditional love. Elizabeth also met her deceased grandfather, who communicated with her telepathically.

“It’s not a garden like anything here on Earth. The plants were different. The flowers were blossoming, just exploding with color – it’s so frustrating because the words just don’t exist here.”

Elizabeth Krohn

This spiritual being she met told her that she could choose to stay in this beautiful garden or return to her life. The emotions and sensations in this place were intense. Elizabeth felt a sense of peace and love that she had never experienced before.

“I was told that I could stay there if I wanted to, or I could choose to come back. And he was going to help me make that decision by answering any questions I had.”

Elizabeth Krohn
Image source: New Thinking Allowed with Jeffrey Mishlove (Elizabeth with her two sons)

Revelations and Predictions: The Impact of the NDE

During her time in this otherworldly garden, Elizabeth received several predictions. Her grandfather told her that George H. Bush would win the upcoming presidential election and even revealed the result of the Super Bowl. These predictions served as a way for Elizabeth to remember her NDE when they came true.

“I was not a political person and I didn’t care. So I said ‘Why are you telling me these things?’ And he said ‘Because when you get back, you’re going to have a hard time remembering what we talked about and what you were told. ‘When you see who wins that Super Bowl, or you see that George Bush is named president, it’ll trigger your memories of being here’.”

Elizabeth Krohn

After returning to her body, Elizabeth found herself changed. She was gone for about 2 minutes but for her, it felt like weeks. following her return, she had the ability to interact with deceased individuals and began experiencing vivid, prescient dreams. These dreams often involved future events, which left her both amazed and distressed.

This Woman Sees Future After Being Struck By A Lightning That Killed Her
Image source: Daily Star

Physically, Elizabeth faced a long recovery. Her feet were severely burned, requiring months of bed rest. Emotionally, she fought with the nightmares that haunted her. The dreams featured terrible events like tsunamis, earthquakes, and plane crashes.

“As I was sleeping, I was having dreams. These dreams were very specific, and I remembered details. Not only did I remember the details, they were all bad dreams. They were nightmares of terrible events, tsunamis, and earthquakes and plane crashes and horrible, horrible things.”

Elizabeth Krohn

Nightmares of the Future

One of the most haunting predictions Elizabeth experienced was related to the TWA Flight 800 disaster. Before the flight, she dreamt of being on the plane, talking to a passenger who introduced her child and begged Elizabeth to take her child and find the father. After the plane crash, Elizabeth saw souls rising from the wreckage, a surreal and frightening vision.

To cope with these nightmares, Elizabeth began documenting them by emailing herself. This helped her keep track of the accuracy and timing of her visions. Despite their accuracy, these nightmares took a heavy toll on her mental health.

“But she grabbed my arms and wouldn’t let go. And until she let go, I couldn’t wake up. And she was screaming for me to take her child with me. She knew I could leave, and she wanted me to take her child. She told me her husband’s name. And she said ‘Take my child and find the father.’ Then there was this jolt. Then, outside the plane, I saw souls rising from the wreckage.”

Elizabeth Krohn

Sharing the Experience

Elizabeth eventually decided to share her story publicly. She felt a responsibility to let others know that consciousness survives death. Her talks focus on the idea that our actions on Earth shape our afterlife experience. Elizabeth emphasizes that everyone’s version of heaven is personal and tailored to their life.

Her message is clear: life on Earth is challenging, but it is meaningful. Our experiences and actions here have a significant impact on what comes next.

This Woman Sees Future After Being Struck By A Lightning That Killed Her
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Elizabeth Krohn’s life was irrevocably changed by her near-death experience. Her ability to predict future events, interact with deceased individuals, and her profound understanding of life and death have shaped her journey. She continues to share her story, hoping to inspire others to live with purpose and understanding.

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