Blood Suddenly Streamed From The Eyes And Noses of Six Hikers Near Lake Baikal

Blood Suddenly Streamed From The Eyes And Noses of Six Hikers Near Lake Baikal!

In 1993, an eerie and tragic event took place at Khamar Daban in Siberia’s eastern Sayan Mountains, near the isolated shores of Lake Baikal. This incident, often referred to as “Mountain Madness,” involved a group of seven hikers led by Lyudmila Korovina. Sadly, six of these hikers died under mysterious circumstances, with blood streaming from their eyes and noses, and convulsions. Some even bashed their own heads against rocks.

The sole survivor, Valentina Utochenko, had a brutal escape from what also could have been her fate. An investigation was not conducted immediately. However, the autopsy results later delivered the cause of death leaving some parts in the dark. So many theories also came across to explain what really happened. Let’s dive in.

The Start of A Challenging Hike

Lyudmila Korovina, a 41-year-old survivalist and experienced mountaineering guide, led the expedition. She was highly experienced and known for her thorough preparation. Korovina was joined by six of her students: Aleksander “Sacha” Krysin, Tatyana Filipenko, Denis Shvachkin, Valentina “Valya” Utochenko, Viktoriya Zalesova, and Timur Bapanov. Their ages ranged from 15 to 24.

The group set off on their planned route through the Khamar Daban mountains, starting from the village of Murino. They followed a challenging path that included climbing peaks and crossing ridges.

The first few days of their hike went smoothly, with the group making good progress. However, on August 4th, they encountered an unexpected rainstorm while descending from Retranslyator Peak. They decided to camp in an exposed location while struggling to build a fire that night. Despite the challenges, they managed to build a fire the next morning and continued their journey after breakfast.

Image source: DYATLOV PASS

The Mysterious Deaths

The true horror began on August 5th. As the group descended the mountain at an altitude of 2,396 meters, Aleksander Krysin, who was at the back of the group, suddenly started screaming. Blood was streaming from his eyes and ears, and he was frothing at the mouth. He convulsed and collapsed, and soon after, Lyudmila Korovina experienced the same symptoms and died.

Tatyana Filipenko was the next to collapse, showing signs of severe distress and even bashing her head against a rock. Viktoriya Zalesova and Timur Bapanov tried to run but fell, bleeding and tearing at their clothes. Denis Shvachkin and Valentina Utochenko also attempted to flee, but Shvachkin collapsed and died.

Image source: Reddit / DYATLOV PASS (Image on the left is one of the few last photos of the hiking group)

Sole Survivor’s Escape

Valentina Utochenko managed to escape, setting up a tent for the night under tree cover and falling asleep. The next day, she returned to the site to retrieve supplies and then followed power lines down the mountain. After four days, she was found by a group of Ukrainian kayakers and taken to the nearest police station.

Image source: DYATLOV PASS (Valentina Utochenko, the sole survivor of the hike)

The Search and Autopsy Findings

Utochenko was in a state of shock and unable to speak for several days. The official search began on August 24th, and it took two days for helicopters to locate the bodies. The hikers were found partially undressed, showing signs of struggle. The autopsy revealed that most of the hikers died of hypothermia, while Korovina died of a heart attack. However, unusual symptoms were observed, such as bleeding from the eyes and nose, convulsions, etc. The symptoms suggested other possible causes of death which were not officially declared.

Image source: Wikipedia

Theories and Speculations

Several theories have been proposed to explain the hikers’ mysterious deaths:

  1. Severe Hypothermia: The autopsy concluded that most of the hikers died from hypothermia. Severe hypothermia can cause hallucinations and paradoxical undressing, which might explain some of their behaviors.
  2. Nerve Agents and Military Experiments: The symptoms described by Utochenko, such as frothing at the mouth and convulsions, resemble those caused by nerve agents. There were also suggestions of military experiments involving nerve agents like Novichok in the area.
  3. Contaminated Water and Environmental Toxins: Lake Baikal is known to be a toxic waste dumping ground. The hikers might have consumed contaminated water, leading to poisoning and the observed symptoms.
  4. Mushroom Poisoning: Another theory is that the hikers accidentally ingested poisonous mushrooms. Korovina, being a forager, might have mistakenly included toxic mushrooms in their meal, causing severe symptoms and death.


The Khamar Daban incident remains a mystery to this day. Despite various theories, there is no definitive explanation for the hikers’ deaths. The event has left a lasting impact on local lore and continues to intrigue scientists and mystery enthusiasts alike. The combination of eerie symptoms and the tragic loss of life makes this incident a chilling reminder of the dangers that can lurk in the wild.

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