BGT Semi-Finals Night 4: Abigail & Afronitaaa and Northants Sings Out Triumph as Finalists

In BGT semi-finals night 4 With each graceful movement, Abigail and Afronitaaa painted a masterpiece on the stage, while Northants Sings Out’s heartfelt songs stirred the souls of the nation, and they moved onto the grand finale.  Each passing semi-final night, the world witnesses incredible talents, each waiting to shine in the final spotlight.  

The incredible dancing duo Abigail and Afronitaaa captured their spot in Sunday’s finals with an awe-inspiring dance. Their victory was a statement of their incredible talent. The soul-stealing Northants Sings Out once again proved who they are and earned the well-deserved spotlight alongside Abigail and Afronitaaa in the grand finale.

Judges struggled to select the exceptional talent among the incredible performers. Phoenix Boys and Northants Sings Out were too close; the public vote sealed Northants place to move onto the finals. Kevin Finn and Andrew Curphey received red buzzers from Simon Cowell and eliminated in the semi-finals.

BGT Semi-Finals Night 4

Andrew Curphey, Abigail & Afronitaaa, Nabe, Phoenix Boys, Itzel Salvatierra, Harrison Pettman, Kevin Finn, and Northants Sings Out performed in the fourth semi-finals night. Abigail & Afronitaaa, Northants Sings Out, won the hearts of the audience  and moved on to the finals. 

Semi-final 4 (30 May)

Simon CowellAlesha DixonAmanda HoldenBruno Toniolil
Andrew CurpheySingingXEliminated
Abigail & Afronitaaa
Dance1st (Won Public Vote)
Phoenix Boys
Dance3rd (Judges’ Vote tied – Lost on Public Vote)
Itzel Salvatierra
Harrison Pettman
Kevin Finn
Musical ComedyXEliminated
Northants Sings Out
Choir2nd (Judges’ Vote tied – Won on Public Vote)

BGT series 17 Semi – Finals Night 4
BGT series 17 Semi – Finals

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