What Happened to Itzel Salvatierra in BGT 2024?

Itzel Salvatierra is best known for her skill in aerial hoop acrobatics.

Age (at audition)39 years
Home TownGuagalajara, Jalisco
ActAerial hoop acrobatics
Position ReachedReached to the next level
BGT 2024

Itzel Salvatierra appeared in the fifth episode of Britain’s Got Talent, episode 17. She performed an act of aerial hoop acrobatics despite having fibromyalgia, a neurological disorder, which surprised not only the judges but the whole audience as well. They were impressed by Itzel’s performance, so they decided to send her through to the next round of Britain’s Got Talent with four yeses.


Itzel Salvatierra has been an aerial hoop acrobat for almost 30 years. She has performed in various shows before showing up in BGT 2024. She performed at many circuses and gymnastics shows. Other than that, she is an aerial hoop coach as well as a choreographer. She has a daughter and a son. 

Itzel Salvatierra Biography

Itzel currently works as a coach for an online platform called Aerial Hoop Online, where she teaches students to be authentic and about aerial hooping. Biofacts about Itzelares not available online. 

Real Name Itzel Salvatierra Garcia
Age39 years
ProfessionAerial Hoop coach
BGT 2024

Family & Relationships

Information about Itzel’s birth family is not available. However, there is some information about her life after her marriage in 2018. This 39-year-old Mexican aerial hoop acrobat has worked with her passion for more than 30 years now. Despite having a neurological disorder called fibromyalgia, she didn’t give up on her passion and turned it into a career. Information about her mother, father, and early family life seems to be hidden. Itzel was married to Dave Locke on July 25, 2018. They have a lovely daughter and a son who are now teenagers. Itzel spends her days in Las Vegas, Nevada, for her training, and her family home is in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

What happened in Britain’s Got Talent?


Itzel introduces herself as a Mexican aerial hoop acrobat at BGT 2024, at the age of 39. She said that because of her disorder, she gets body pain, and she wanted to reduce it a bit by engaging herself in the passion she has for acrobatics. As she has done it for more than 30 years, she wanted to state the end of her career with a beautiful memory by showing people what she can do despite her hardships. She got a standing ovation from judge Simon Cowell and the whole audience for her amazing performance. And she was sent to the next round with a well-deserved four yeses. 

” Wow, your 30 years of doing this was clear for all of us to see. Perfection.”

Alesha Dixon

“That is what you call girl power.”

Simon Cowell

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The Mexican aerial hoop acrobatics. Despite the challenges she faced throughout her 30-year career, she managed to overcome every challenge and do better at what she was best at. She is an inspirational character for many women who are experiencing motherhood and have a career of their own. 

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