What Happened to Trixy in BGT 2024?

Trixy is best known for his magic skills.

Age (at audition)34 Years
Home TownLondon
Position ReachedSelected

Ricardo who is known as “Trixy” is from London. Being so passionate about magic skills, Trixy is a well trained magician with more than 15 years of experience. His performance at BGT audition was unexpected. He amused all the judges with his amazing magic skills. He made Simon to be emotional by bringing up his memories in front of his eyes.


Trixy is known as a magician but he is also an electrician. Trixy discovered his passion towards magic at the age of 12. He has mastered the art of close up magic. Trixy has performed at a lot of private parties, business functions, and even celebrity occasions. He is regarded as one of the greatest in the field thanks to his distinct look and enchanting demeanor.

Trixy’s Biography

Trixy got the inspiration to learn magic skills after seeing David Blaine’s famous magic performance on streets, in the late 1990s. As a teenager, Trixy focused on his studies and learnings of magic skills. Since he got famous for his magic skills among his friends, his friends started calling him as “Trixy”. Now the world knows him as Trixy for his magic skills.

Real Name Ricardo
Birthday19th April 1990
ProfessionMagician & Electrician

Family & Relationships

Trixy is a happily married husband with two kids, 5 years old boy and 9 years old girl. Trixy spends enough of time with his wife and children that they are so happy to have him as a husband and father. As per his wife’s statement, Trixy loves to entertain and help others. He also performed at his children’s school events.

What happened in Britain’s Got Talent?


He took Bruno’s watch for his magic performance and then made it ‘vanish’ by hiding it in his handkerchief. After that, he had Simon choose two randomly chosen images from his recollections, which he then had Bruno and Amanda choose and show to Simon. Afterwards, he led Simon to the backstage and made a guess as to the recollection on the first card before revealing he was wearing a personalized dog tag bearing the name Pebbles.

After guessing the memory on the second card, he was shown a toy model of a Triumph TR6 car, which he subsequently took him outside to meet up with his actual old car of the same model. Then he made Simon unlock the glove compartment of the car, and within was a little present box that held Bruno’s watch. At the beginning of the show, Alesha noticed that Trixy was being nervous and after his performance she asked “Where you really nervous at the beginning because I felt it?” and he told that he was initially bit nervous at the beginning. Of course the judges selected him to the next round without any doubt.

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Trixy is a wonderful magician with uncommon tricks. He has mastered the art of close up magic skills. Starting from small tricks he performed a big level of magic performance by bringing Simon’s old car in front of him. Working as a magician and electrician, Trixy entertain and help others. Basically he seems to be a kind hearted person.

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