What Happened to CyberAgent Legit in BGT 2024?

Best known for….

CyberAgent Legit is best known for being a dance group known for their unique style and they reached the semi-finals of BGT 2024.

Age (at audition)20-28 Years
Home TownShibuya-ku, Tokyo
ActRobotic dancing, acrobatics and breakdancing
Position Reached
Eliminated in the semi-finals

CyberAgent Legit is a group of dancers. They auditioned for Britain’s Got Talent because they believe it’s the biggest audition and a great platform to achieve their dream of transforming the world around them. They were so impressed that they awarded the group a golden buzzer. But unfortunately, they were eliminated in the semi-finals. 


They are a team of professional dancers in Japan. Dancing has been their passion since their childhood. Britain Got Talent was the most significant event that they have participated in their dancing life. Their dream is to become a famous dancing team all over the world. CyberAgent Legit were also the regular season champions in the D. LEAGUE 22-23 season and runners-up in the championship.

CyberAgent Legit Biography 

Although they are dancers from childhood, their group was officially built in August 2020. They have Unique high-energy dance routines with original music and elaborate costumes. Ato Kojima in CyberAgent Legit was one of a dancing choreographers in the team. Kyte was another member in the group and he was a singer, song writer and audio engineer.

Real Name CyberAgent Legit 
Age20 -28
Birthday2004 -1996
Professional Dancers  including choreographers, and singers

Family & Relationships

Currently, CyberAgent Legit has not disclosed any of their family or relationship details. 

What happened in Britain’s Got Talent?


The judges loved Cyber Agent Legit performance, calling it world-class with great synchronicity and energy. The audience burst into cheers rising to their feet, with the judges showing their appreciation for the performance as well. For a moment Cowell was too amazed for words but eventually managed to say, ” This is awesome. That was probably the best performance today, amazing! “judge Simon Cowell used coveted golden buzzer to promote them to an instant slot in the semi-finals.


In the semi-finals, CyberAgent Legit gave another level of dance performance. They all came in a silver costume. That was a unique performance. They impressed everyone with their performance.

I am so excited

Simon Cowell

Alesha Dixon “This is one of the slickest dance acts I’ve seen on Britain’s Got Talent.” Amanda Holden commented, “You are next level brilliant,” and Bruno Tonioli stated, “It was so clear.” But unfortunately, they were eliminated in the semi-finals. 

BGT Semi-finals 2024

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CyberAgent Legit emerged from obscurity into captivated the experience of Britain’s Got Talent with their electrifying performance appearing out of nowhere. Their giant blend betwixt artistry alongside energetic dance styles led them to be given an award when they received Golden Buzzer leading them straight to life shows making both spectators as well as judges yearn for additional. But unfortunately, they were eliminated in the semi-finals. 

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