What Happened to the Messoudi Brothers in BGT 2024?

Messoudi Brothers are well known for their acrobatic skills and they reached the semi-finals of BGT 2024.

Age (at audition)30 & 33
Home TownAustralia
Position ReachedEliminated in the semi-finals
BGT 2024

Messoudi brothers who can be also called as sexy brothers presented a different type of performance at BGT 2024 but unfortunately, they eliminated from semifinals. These brothers are not new to the “Got Talent” shows all over the world. They have already participated in ‘America’s Got Talent’, ‘Arab’s Got Talent’, ‘Germany’s Got Talent’, ‘France’s Got Talent’ and ‘Australia’s Got Talent’. Reaching to the final level at many shows, they still have not win the title. Sexy brothers do not seem to give up that easily and proving their talents to all over the world.


Two of the Messoudi brothers have participated at the BGT auditions but in reality they are three. The trio has been trained from their age of 2-3 by their father. The brothers are from Australia and residing in Germany. The trio was being travelled to more than 35 countries with their father and performed at various shows.

Messoudi Brothers’ Biography 

With their surname “Messoudi” the duo brothers are known as “Messoudi Brothers” along with their other brother who makes them a trio.

Real Name Karim MessoudiSoffien Harry Messoudi
EthnicityHalf Moroccan & Half EnglishHalf Moroccan & Half English

Family & Relationships

The three Messoudi brothers are born to an English mother (Heidi) and a Moroccan father (Said). The father started training the brothers when they were toddlers and made them to perform at various shows in different countries.

What happened in Britain’s Got Talent?


During their audition, the brothers duo juggled multiple bottles between each other while taking off their clothes and jiggling each item in the direction of the other before changing into each other’s clothes. ‘You’re so easy on the eye, I actually didn’t look at whatever you were throwing about’, said Bruno. In addition to that Amanda said, ‘I didn’t think I’d be that relieved for two people like you to actually put your clothes back on’. Getting yeses from the judges, the duo is selected to the next round.


In the semi-finals, the Messoudi brothers performed juggling using multiple bottles while changing clothes. Their performance impressed the judges and the audience. Messoudi’s cousins came to cheer them up.

Alesha Dixon commented, “The whole act was just so seamless.” Amanda Holden commented, “You were joyous,” and Bruno Tonioli commented, “There’s  nothing nothing to criticize.” But unfortunately they were eliminated in the semi-finals.

BGT 2024 Semi-finals

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The Messoudi brothers duo threw a saucy jiggling performance at BGT 2024. This is not their first talent show performance and the brothers have performed at many “Got Talent” shows all over the world. It was their father who trained them with the skills and the brothers surely are handsome with manly structures. But unfortunately they were eliminated in the semi-finals.

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