What Happened to Angelo & Janette in BGT 2024?

Perry Grant is known for his singing skills.

ContestantsAngelo & Janette
Age (at audition)64 & 69 Years
ActKnife throwing
Position ReachedUnknown
BGT 2024

Angelo & Janette have proved that age is just a number with their incredible performance at BGT 2024. Knife throwing performance at their age is too risky and they have done it like it was a piece of cake for them.


Angelo and Janette performed at BGT 2024 together. Janette has attended the Glasgow Ballet School. She is a wonderful dancer even at her age of 69.

What happened in Britain’s Got Talent?


Angelo strapped Janette to a whirling black and white wheel during their audition and threw multiple knives around it. Seeing the shocking performance of the old duo, Alesha said ‘I want to be like that when I’m 69’. It is unknown whether this senior duo has advanced to the next round of auditions.

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Angelo and Janette are best example in proving that age is just a number. Presenting a knife throwing show on the stage is too risky for the contestants considering their age. There was no hesitant or fear on the faces of Angelo and Janette. Now that is what confidence is all about.

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