Drama Teacher Andrew Curphey Gets The Judges Dancing

A drama teacher, Andrew Curphey from Penketh, got the judges dancing on Britain’s Got Talent. Andrew Curphey seems to be a great person and he brings smiles to whoever he encounter with. He encourages his students to never give up and make use of the opportunities. To embody his preaching he has participated in BGT 2024 auditions. He made the judges to dance and the audience to shout for him.

Judges Dancing During Andrew’s Performance

Andrew Curphey is the living proof of the word “Enthusiasm”

From the beginning of his performance till the end, Andrew was never out of energy. The confidence was expressed on his face even after Simon gave him a red buzzer during his performance. Andrew was so cheerful and with full of positivity while he was on the stage. He surely has transmitted the same energy to the viewers as well.

Andrew Curphey Performing on BGT 2024

The judges were so happy to see the enthusiastic drama teacher on the stage and gave him wonderful feedbacks.

“That was such high camp, I absolutely bloody loved it!”


Simon did enjoy Andrew’s performance even though he gave him a red buzzer.

“Oh my God! I’m I’m actually speechless”


“Simon, Me too!” said Andrew Curphey, while sighing.

Bruno asked Andrew that how many espressos he had in the morning. To the same question he himself answered “about 77”. He said this to Andrew referring to the energy and vibe Andrew had during his performance.

“Oh my God! I am speechless but I had a great great fun”


Alesha was expecting someone else to come out to the stage while Andrew was giving an introduction at the back of the stage. Andrew surprised her with his appearance on the stage again.

“We all need a bit of your energy in life; Honestly made me how!”


“Omg THAT IS MY TEACHER”- The Lucky Kids On The Internet

Andrew Curphey surprised his students by participating on BGT 2024. His students got to know about his performance and started commenting on him via social media applications. It was heartwarming to see the comments he received from his students and the viewers. Alesha was absolutely correct, the world needs more vibes of him.

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