What Happened to Mike Woodhams in BGT 2024?

Mike Woodhams is best known for his singing performance and received 7th place in BGT Grand Finale.

Mike Woodhams BGT 2024
Age (at audition)37 Years
Home TownMilton Keynes
Position Reached7th place in the BGT Grand Finale 2024
BGT 2024

In the world of Britain’s Got Talent series 17, Mike Woodhams received 7th place. Where talents of all kinds shine, he has captured the hearts and ears of everyone by imitating popular singers with their exact same voices.

Mike Woodhams arrived on the stage with confidence with a smile and started the audition with his hoodie on. The audience got surprised as the face of James Blunt’s face from the music video appeared on the screen behind him as soon as he started singing. He imitated James Blunt incredibly surprising the judges and the audience .

After that, he imitated Boyzone, Gabrielle, Macy Gray, Anastacia, and Heather Small. His performance caught everyone’s eyes and the could impressed whole audience by his performance.


Mike Woodhams is a 37 year old Music teacher. He comes from Milton Keynes and he teaches music for students from Year 3 to 6 Years at the time of his audition.

Mike’s Biography

Mike Woodhams is a music teacher and a vocal coach from Milton Keynes.

Real Name Mike Woodhams
Age37 Years
BirthplaceMilton Keynes
ProfessionMusic Teacher, Vocal Coach
BGT 2024

Family & Relationships

There are currently no published facts about Mike’s family or relationships.

What happened in Britain’s Got Talent?


Mike Woodhams’s performance amazed the judges . Even Simon Cowell, known for his tough criticism and ideas, gave Mike a thumbs-up and some solid pieces of advice too.

Bruno said to Mike “You should be proud, it’s the best vocal impressions I have heard in a very very long time,”. “I just loved it, what a talent. You’re just amazing. I was just gobsmacked, I’ve never seen anything like you, you’re super talented,” Amanda commented happily on his incredible performance.

Simon Cowell’s Surprising Thumbs-Up on Mike’s Performance

Simon Cowell gave his first prediction on this season for Mike becoming the winner. He is renowned for making firm statements at BGT. But his positive feedback on Mike’s performance caught everyone’s attention. . He said “I’m so surprised because you really undersold yourself I would just say going forward, really start believing in yourself and you’re the kind of act I believe could win this show.”

The internet went wild after Mike’s performance and Simon’s response on it. On social media, everyone said how talented he is when compared to other contestants. YouTube filled with comments from fans who promised to vote for Mike . They were sure he’d win this season as even Simon gave his recommendation too.

And on Twitter, everyone was going crazy, calling Mike their favorite contestant and counting down the days until his next show. So, Mike’s performance has caught everyone’s attention all over the world.

As Mike moves forward in the competition, All the fans are eagerly waiting for his next performance. Both the judges and audience are genuinely supporting him and everyone believes that he will secure his spot in BGT and will leave a lasting mark on Britain’s Got Talent.


In the semi-finals, Mike Woodhams performed as Cher, Rick Astley, Amanda Holden, Shakira, etc.; that was an amazing performance. He moved on to the finals as the second finalist of semi-finals night three.

Alesha Dixon commented, “Absolutely brilliant.” Bruno Tonioli commented, “You got us so entertaining,” and Amanda Holden commented, “Your audition was absolutely brilliant.”

BGT 2024 Semi-finals

Grand Finale

In the finals, Mike Woodhams performed as Kate Bush and Britney Spears, which was an amazing performance. He impressed everyone with his incredible talent and Mike Woodhams received 7th place in the BGT 2024 Grand Finale.

Really really talented teacher

Simon Cowell

Alesha Dixon commented, “Once again, you got the party going, Mike.” Bruno Tonioli commented, “Very well produced,” and Amanda Holden commented, “I think your talent and your energy really show on stage.”

BGT Grand Finale

Social Media


On the first episode of Britain’s Got Talent season 17 (2024), Mike Woodhams, hailing from Milton Keynes, impressed everyone with his incredible act.

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