What Happened to Sarukani Beat Boxing Group in BGT 2024?

Best known for the amazing beat boxing performance in Britain’s Got Talent 2024.

Age (at audition)21- 24 Years
Home TownJapan
Position ReachedSelected to Next Round

Sarukani Beat Boxing group is a set of professional beatboxers from Japan who recently auditioned at Britain’s Got Talent Season 17 . They could impress the judges as well the audience with their amazing beat boxing skills. Their stunning performance led them to get selected for the next round with all Yes compliments form the four judges, Simon Cowell, Alesha Dixon, Amanda Holden and Bruno Tonioli, .


Before their BGT appearance, Sarukani had already branded themselves as a leading beatboxing crew and music producer in Japan. They gained international recognition by making it to top positions at international competitions. Last year, they won the championship at the World Championship called ‘Grand Beatbox Battle 2023’.

Sarukani Beat Boxing Group Biography 

Sarukani Beat Boxing Group is a Beat Boxing crew from Japan. With members aged between 21 and 24, they could impress the audience on Series 17 of Britain’s Got Talent.

Real Name So-So, Rusy, Kohey, Kaji
Age21 – 24 Years
ProfessionBeat Boxing

Family & Relationships

Sarukani members have shared a close bond as a group following their dreams together. However, information of their individual family backgrounds and relationships are not much revealed yet.

What happened in Britain’s Got Talent?


Sarukani’s audition on Britain’s Got Talent left both the judges and audience impressed. They beatboxed to the popular tracks like ‘Jaws’ by John Williams, ‘Ghostbusters’ by Ray Parker Jr and ‘Mission Impossible’ by Lalo Schifrin showcasing their exceptional beatboxing skills.

Judges Simon Cowell and Alesha Dixon were highly impressed. Simon said ‘You really are brilliant performers’ and Alesha named them as “Beatboxing Beatles” and complemented their brilliance as performers. Their brilliant performance earned them a well-deserved four Yes votes from judges and took them the next round of the competition.


Sarukani Beat Boxing Group’s journey on Britain’s Got Talent marks another milestone in their career life. It has helped them to showcase their talent on another global stage and win hearts with their exceptional beatboxing skills. As they got selected to the next round, everyone expects they they will come back with another magnifying performance.

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