Magician Trixy shocks Simon with his car from decades ago

Magician Trixy surprised Simon by reuniting Simon’s decades-old car, the Triumph TR6, on Britain’s Got Talent. Magic shows on BGT are not new but this kind of magic trick is absolutely new. Trixy also mentioned more details about the car that Simon had. It is really a wonder how Trixy was able to get those information and predicts judges’ choices.

Trixy revealing the chosen memories of Simon from the collection

Trixy Rocked and Simon Shocked!

Trixy first made Bruno’s watch to be disappeared in front of him and then focused on Simon. He asked Simon to pick two of his memories from the collection and asked him to go with him. At the backstage, he asked Simon to open the first chosen memory. It was his dog “pebbles”, and Trixy has predicted this before hand and showed the name “pebbles” printed on his chain tag. Then he presented Simon with a black box and a toy model of the car Triumph TR6 was in it.

Simon got shock to see it and the second choice of his memory collection was his picture where he was in his old car. As Trixy says, Simon bought this car in the year of 1994. Trixy even mentioned the price of the car and the date that Simon bought it. It was so shocking and much more he took Simon with him outside and presented him with the car Triumph TR6 which Simon had decades ago. Simon got emotional to witnessing the happenings and he also kissed the car.

“That’s my car, that was one of my favorite ever cars!”

Simon’s reaction when he saw the car he had decades ago in front of him

Judges Were Thrilled About The Happenings Caused By Trixy

When Trixy performed, the judges were all delighted to see it. Bruno really thought that he has lost the watch to Trixy’s magic but at the end he got it back.

“I was very engaged in the storytelling you know, I was totally taken by your magic!”


Amanda praised Trixy’s magic saying that it was a big magic.

“I think I loved most about it all was that it was proper magic but it was big Magic!”


Simon felt so emotional about his memories towards the car he had.

“That time of my life, I was literally broke I borrowed some money and I bought that car and it was like a turning point in my life just seeing how much obviously this means to you; I had no idea what was going to happen next”


“He Deserved A Magical Golden Buzzer”

Trixy surely won the hearts of the viewers. The audience and the online viewers had a very great time with his performance. Many online viewers say that Trixy deserves a golden buzzer. A big magic does deserve a golden buzzer but at the moment he has promoted to the next round with four yeses.

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