What Happened to Bobby Goldfinn in BGT 2024?

Bobby Goldfinn is best known for his stand-up comedy performance in BGT 2024!

BGT 2024
Age (at audition)45 Years
Home TownMassachusetts
ActStand-up comedy
Position ReachedEliminated from audition
BGT 2024

On the first episode of Britain’s Got Talent 17th season, Gold Fish masked comedian “Bobby Goldfinn” entered the show. He received red buzzers from all the judges while he was cracking his first joke. He didn’t only wear a goldfish mask; he also pretended to have a goldfish memory. 

Simon Cowell

Well, the good thing is you’re going to forget this ever happened…….

Bobby Goldfinn showed up the second time, acting just like he had forgotten what had happened. He also entered for the third time, but the hosts managed to get him off the stage. Bobby’s second and third entries were like a loop, which made everyone laugh.

BGT 2024


Bobby Goldfinn is an amateur comedian from Massachusetts, with 335K followers on Instagram and 649.1K on TikTok. The majority of his jokes are centered around US sports and they have a strong following among viewers.

Bobby Goldfinn’s Biography

Bobby is a 45-year-old amateur comedian.

Real Name Bobby Goldfinn
Age45 Years
ProfessionAmateur Comedian
BGT 2024

Family & Relationships

There are currently no published facts about Bobby’s family or relationships.

What happened in Britain’s Got Talent?


Bobby Goldfinn had a wonderful start as he introduced himself. He answered the question asked by the hosts: “What do you do?” I do jokes.

He seemed confidant to the judges, but he failed to impress them with his very first joke. Bobby forgot the punchline and repeatedly said, “Knock, Knock”. Bruno Tonioli first hit the red buzzer; following that, Simon Cowell, Alesha Dixon, and finally Amanda Holden hit the red buzzer. 

Amanda Holden

Fish have a very short memory; do you remember why you are here?
BGT 2024 YouTube

Controversy about Bobby’s re-entry 

When Bobby entered for the second time, the judges were stunned and hit the red buzzer again, and the third time, they all hit the red buzzer before even saying his name. Hosts were like, “Oh, Bobby.” and it made most of the audience laugh. 

Bruno Tonioli

I am confused
BGT 2024

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On the first episode of Britain’s Got Talent season 17 (2024), stand-up comedian Bobby Goldfinn auditioned but failed to impress the judges. He received four red buzzers from the judge’s panel.

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