The Dark Hero, Batman, Wows The Judges With Opera Stunts

In Britain’s Got Talent, the man named ‘The Dark Hero’ came to the audition dressed as Batman and wowed the judges and viewers with his opera singing. The contestant gave a heroic entry to the stage. The masked guy acted as he was the real Batman with the aid of ropes connected to him. Well, he also did not speak like the scripted “Batman” character. The viewers were curious about the act that the batman was about to perform. Then a background music was played, and the show began.

“The Batman” Defies The Gravity

The Batman’s Performance Thrilled The Judges

”your Barry tone was just brilliant I love this show for this reason. It is a incredible adventure and you took us there”


“I looked at Simon I said look at us all sat back taking this completely seriously Batman singing bloody op”


The judges got shock when “The Dark Hero” started to perform. The entry of the contestant itself thrilled the judges and it is clearly visible through their reactions.

The judges are wowed by Batman’s performance

“Now BGT stands for Batman’s Got Talent!”

Netizens comments on Batman’s performance are hilarious. One of the online viewer commented under the audition visuals saying, “Now BGT stands for Batman’s Got Talent!” Maybe the organizing team can change the judges’ outfits into Batman’s suits. That would be so fun! There are more entertaining comments from the viewers.

“Joker is busy making a movie with Harley, so Batman decided to audition at BGT!”

“Why can’t gravity pull you down? Cause I’m BATMAN!”

“At least Batman overcome his fear of opera where his parents was killed so he embraced all the sadness, so thats good i gues”

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