What Happened to Stephanie Rainey in AGT 2024?

Irish singer Stephanie Rainey impressed the judges with her emotional singing performance remembering her late nephew on AGT 2024.

Stephanie Rainey at AGT 2024  (Instagram / @simu.circus)
Age (at audition)36 Years
Home TownCork, Ireland
ActSinging and Guitar
Position ReachedAdvanced to the next round

Stephanie Rainey impressed the audience with an emotional performance that had everyone on their feet at AGT stage. So, The judges were very satisfied and everyone said “Yes” advancing her to the next round.

Stephanie is a 36-year-old singer from Cork, Ireland. However, she caught the attention of everyone after AGT for remembering her late nephew in the stage.

“Good for you for doing that and not giving up,” said Simon Cowell when she performed. So, Let’s have dive in to the deep of the life of this talented soul and her performance at AGT 24.


Stephanie Rainey comes from Cork, Ireland and has been dedicated to music since 2015.

Before AGT, she worked as a singer and guitarist, releasing her music independently. Her breakthrough came when she wrote “Please Don’t Go”, a song about her nephew Fionn, who tragically passed away from meningitis before his first birthday.

The song went viral, gaining a million views in one day. This viral success led to a record deal, though Stephanie found the journey in the music industry challenging.

Stephanie Rainey
Stephanie Rainey  (Instagram / @simu.circus)

Stephanie Rainey Biography 

Real Name Stephanie Rainey
BirthplaceCork, Ireland
ProfessionSinger, Guitarist
Stephanie Rainey Bio

Family & Relationships

Stephanie Rainey has a close family and is known to share moments with them on her social media. She often mentions her late nephew, Fionn, who inspired her song “Please Don’t Go”

She is married currently and a mom to a baby boy.

It’s my absolute favorite thing in life. I’m lucky to have the family I have — I have loads of nieces and nephews and our house is always full of life.”

Stephanie Rainey

What happened in America’s Got Talent?


Stephanie Rainey’s audition in Episode 1904 was a heartfelt performance of her original song “Please Don’t Go”. She played the guitar while her best friend Sarah accompanied her on the piano.

The song was written about the loss of her nephew, Fionn. It was a deeply moving tribute that touched everyone in the room.

Stephanie shared that the song meant a lot to her and that she had almost given up on music before writing it. The judges were moved by her story and performance.

“Very few acts move people, and that was one of the most relatable, emotional moments we’ve had on season 19, so thank you.”, Howie Mandel said happily.

All four judges gave her a “Yes”, advancing her to the next round.

Simon Cowell said, “I’m going to give you about 4,000 yeses.” He joined Rainey onstage and told her: “That was what I call a moment. That song is so beautiful. Thank you so much.”

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