What Happened To “The Dark Hero” in BGT 2024?

The Dark Hero surprised everyone by singing and he reached the semi-finals of BGT 2024.

“The Dark Hero”
Age (at audition)Unknown
Home TownUnknown
ActOpera Singing
Position ReachedEliminated in the semi-finals
BGT 2024

When the judges asked the contestant his name and nationality, he remained silent. “It’s Batman”, a viewer from the audience shouted. With a heroic entry “The Dark Hero” decided to surprise the viewers with his performance. “Defies Gravity” surely suits him well.


The contestant with the Batman outfit was masked and remained silent without saying anything when judges questioned him. He could be one of the contestants of the previous BGT shows with a singing talent. He could also be a social media celebrity who only wants to reveal his identity once he reaches a certain level in the BGT show.

“The Dark Hero” leaving the stage after his performance.

“The Batman’s” Biography 

Biography of the contestant is not revealed yet.

Family & Relationships

The family information of Batman is unknown. Batman seems to have a relationship with a woman whose identity is also not revealed yet. After the performance the contestant wearing the Batman’s suit kissed a woman who was wearing a Catwoman outfit.

Batman is kissing Catwoman behind the BGT stage.

What happened in Britain’s Got Talent?


The lights were turned out and the spotlight was moving and caught “The Dark Hero” on top of the stage. In a while the spotlight was moving and pointed towards the stage and “The Dark Hero” was on the stage. When Amanda and Aleesha asked the contestant to introduce him, one of the audience shouted saying “It’s Batman”. Everyone was so curious about the performance that “Batman” planned to perform.

When his performance was getting started, background music was played. “The Dark Hero” started to sing the song, “Defies Gravity”. Who would have thought that “Batman” can sing and amuse the viewers? No one, literally.


In the semi-finals, the Dark Hero let it go from the frozen. It was so different and a unique experience. judges and the audience enjoyed the performance. Bruno gave a standing ovation to his performance.

I think no one’s ever done Batman the musical

Simon Cowell

Alesha Dixon commented, “I really enjoyed everything.” Amanda Holden commented, “I think your voice is amazing,” and Bruno Tonioli commented, “I loved it.” Unfortunately, he was eliminated in the semi-finals. 

BGT Semi-finals 2024

Social media


It was very creative to come up with such a concept, arousing the curiosity of the viewers. At the end of the performance, “The Dark Hero” received four yeses from the judges and flew away. Unfortunately, he was eliminated in the semi-finals. 

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