What Happened to Jay and Joss in BGT 2024?

Jay and Joss are known for their incredible magic performance in BGT 2024.

BGT 2024
Age (at audition)29 Years28 Years
Home TownUKUK
Position ReachedAcceptedAccepted
BGT 2024

Contemporary magic duo Jay and Joss appeared in the sixth episode of season 17 of Britain’s Got Talent. They impressed the judges and audience with their unbelievable magical tricks; it blew everyone’s mind. With four yeses from the judge’s panel, they are moving on to the next level of BGT 2024.


Jay and Joss are contemporary magicians and illusionists. They have 10 years of experience as magicians and performers. They have participated in famous TV shows such as BBC Three, Penn & Teller’s, and the Chris Moyles show on Radio X. Jay and Joss have also recently performed for Tesco, Amazon, British Gas, TikTok, Shell, Universal Studios, and NBC. In 2017, Lewis Joss won the Northamptonshire Close-Up Magician of the Year Award. In 2021, he was promoted to the Associates of The Inner Magic Circle with a Silver Star.

Jay and Joss Biography 

Jay and Joss are a contemporary magic and illusionist couple.

Real Name Jamie DochertyLewis Joss
Age29 Years28 Years
BirthdaySeptember 19, 1994December 27, 1995
BGT 2024

Family & Relationships

At a famous magic convention Jay and Josh met and got engaged in 2019. They have been an unstoppable team, achieving countless milestones together. Amanda Holden couldn’t resist praising their delightful relationship while applauding their outstanding performance.

Jay and Joss’s wedding (Facebook Jay & Joss)

What happened in Britain’s Got Talent?


Jay and Joss introduced themselves and shared the most special moments of their lives, such as how they proposed in a short video clip. They handed a black balloon to Simon Cowell, who then passed it to Amanda Holden, and she in turn passed it to Alesha Dixon. As the balloon was being passed around, Jay and Joss asked a series of questions to the judges, who had to guess a date, month, and year. Finally, with great anticipation, they popped the balloon, revealing a note that contained the judges’ answers. Also, they performed another similar magic trick in which they correctly revealed the judge’s choices and answers. It knocked everybody’s socks off. 

Honestly, wow, you’re so likable.

Alesha Dixon

All four judges gave standing ovations to their performances. Amanda Holden commented, “I don’t know how you did it.” Simon Cowell stated, “Impossible What’s going on That’s impossible,” and Bruno Tonioli commented, “It’s so original, so unexpected, and you do feel the magic in front of you.” Jay and Joss received four yeses from the judge’s panel and moved on to the next level of BGT. 

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On the 6th episode of Britain’s Got Talent season 17 (2024), the incredible magician couple Jay and Joss impressed the judges and audience with their unbelievable magic tricks. They got four yeses from the judge’s panel and are moving on to the next stage in BGT 2024. 

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