D.V.R.S. Kids’ Audition Received a Standing Ovation From The Judges

The DVRS team is from Dubai and consists of kids within the age range of 8-17. With the choice of their outfit the team actually reminded of cherry blossom season of Japan. Initially four of the kids entered to the stage and introduced themselves to the judges. Then more kids started to enter to the stage from around the auditorium. What happened next is history. With their stunning performance, the D.V.R.S kids received a standing ovation from the judges.

The D.V.R.S Kids Smashed The BGT Audition With Their Stunning Performance

The performance of the DVRS kids can be simply described as a dance stew. The kids were singing, dancing and presented multiple flips, cartwheels, and splits. The judges and the audience were so thrilled to witness their performance and everyone gave a standing ovation to the kids’ performance. The team surely received wonderful feedbacks from the judges.

“Choreography superb! They’re dancing right on it and individually each and every one of you could be a star.”


Amanda forgotten herself as a judge and felt like that she has bought ticket to the show and enjoyed the performance.

“Honestly I feel like I bought tickets to a show, well done.”


For an average fit person, it is not easy to sing and dance at the same time for a long time. These kids have surpassed the limits of average people by actually doing it. They even maintained the same energy all over their performance.

 “The energy, the confidence that you have is really what’s impress me, today you smashed it, well done.”


What Does The Netizens Say About The Kids’ Performance?

The kids impressed the judges with their performance. The audience presented at the auditorium was also cheering and applauding during their performance. The D.V.R.S kids never missed to steal the hearts of the online viewers too. Some viewers have commented with technical details too. Surely the kids’ deserve a golden buzzer as some viewers say. The judges might have been thought that they will have to give golden buzzer to each of these kids’ performance on BGT and restrained.

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