What Happened to D.V.R.S in BGT 2024?

D.V.R.S team is best known for their singing and dancing skills.

Age (at audition)8 – 17
Home TownDubai
ActSinging & Dancing
Position ReachedSelected
BGT 2024

The D.V.R.S group of contestants are from Dubai and gave a rocking performance at BGT 2024 auditions. The performance was so live with variety of entertaining skills. The continuous cheer from the audience remained from the beginning to the end of their performance. The team presented a variety of skills and brought the partying vibes to the viewers.


A theater ensemble called D.V.R.S is presently taking part in the BGT auditions. The kids’ performance was so energetic. These dancers are from Diverse Performing Arts Centre from Dubai and the center is well known for the training of dancing skills.

D.V.R.S Team on BGT stage

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Just four members of the group introduced themselves at first, then the rest took the stage. They said they were eager to appear on the show and that they thought they could win when asked whether they were confident about their chances of winning. The group did a dance routine that included multiple flips, cartwheels, and splits during their audition, to the songs “Uptown Funk” by Mark Ronson featuring Bruno Mars and “Runaway Baby” by Bruno Mars.

“Individually each and every one of you could be a star”


“Honestly I feel like I bought tickets to a show”


With the standing ovation of all the judges, the team got selected to perform at the next round.

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The performance of D.V.R.S group was a visual treat to the viewers. The group performed a dancing sequence at the audition that included several cartwheels, splits, and flips. Finally earned the standing ovation of the judges and got selected to move on to the next round. Fans can expect more visual treats from this team.

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