Umberto & Damiano’s funny act didn’t make it to the next round

Umberto & Damiano delivered a hilarious rendition of “Let It Go” from Frozen, but sadly, they didn’t make it to the next round.

The Italian duo, Umberto & Damiano grabbed the attention of the audience in BGT 2024 with their iconic performance for the popular Disney song. Although the whole audience including some judges could laugh a lot, this duo couldn’t pass in to the next round.

Their act, which combined Umberto’s singing talent with Damiano’s creative acting for the song received mixed reactions from the judges. While Amanda Holden expressed her enjoyment saying, “This was so (cut)it was good,” Simon Cowell showed less interest saying, “I didn’t get it.”

However, the duo’s journey on Britain’s Got Talent ended at the audition stage. Even Alesha gave us a hint that she believes in their talent to become successful in future.

“Would you be able to come up with something in time for the live shows?”

Alesha Dixon

“If we have another 15 years we would win Britain’s got Talent” Umberto & Damiano responded confidently . They already have won the 5th spot on Italy’s Got Talent. So, there is not any doubt about their future carrier life.

Umberto & Damiano

Despite these different opinions from the judges, their performance went viral with many views on YouTube. One viewer commented “just had to drop a comment to say how amazing this video was.” Another said “Just pure joy! I love this performance so much so fun and uplifting and inspiring “Some people were totally unsatisfied with their elimination. “If William was there, he would hit the Golden buzzer  I love them” . “This is hilarious  such a shame they didn’t go further, would love to what else they can do!”

Some YouTube Comments for Umberto & Damiano

Although they do have a short journey at BGT season 17 , they have already marked a significant milestone in their career life just by participating it. They will continue their work as their fan base is ready to grow.

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