An Abandoned Pup Helplessly Chasing Her Owner's Car Rescued!

An Abandoned Pup Helplessly Chasing Her Owner’s Car Rescued!

A German Sheperd pup was captured on security cameras chasing after her uncaring owners’ car, a white Nissan Sentra. They had abandoned her at the Country Living Mobile Home Park in Fresno, California.

The abandoned puppy who touched many hearts, has a happy ending now. She has got a new name and a new home. Renamed Phoenix, a black German Shepherd, went on a long journey across the country to start fresh. Let’s have a closer look at the heartwarming journey that led to her newfound happiness.

Abandoned Puppy’s Journey to Safety and Hope

The heartless owners left the pup at the Country Living Mobile Home Park in Fresno, California, on April 25th. The security camera recorded the pup chasing after the owner’s car. Despite her efforts, she couldn’t follow them as the security gates were closed.

The assistant manager of the trailer park, Patricia Garvey, expressed her horror upon seeing the footage. She feared for Phoenix’s safety on the busy streets. A witness at the Fresno Animal Center recalled seeing someone bring a black German Shepherd dog with a pink collar claiming they had found it. However, the witness didn’t believe the person’s story, and the staff had closed the center by that time.

After failing to locate Phoenix’s original owners among the park’s residents, Garvey reached out to various animal welfare organizations for help. Eventually, the Fresno Animal Center agreed to take her in, providing her with a chance at a new beginning.

Rescued With A New Home

After Phoenix’s story gained attention on, Gintzig-Hayes, who heads Regional Deployed K9 Inc and Equine Rescue, acted swiftly. She contacted the rescue coordinator and ensured that Phoenix would find a permanent home with them. Gintzig-Hayes is currently working as an EMT and she began the rescue of animals in 2017.

Gintzig-Hayes, an EMT, began rescuing animals in 2017 and established her non-profit three years later. Phoenix will undergo basic training with Gintzig-Hayes, hoping to become a therapy dog in the future.

Phoenix is settling well into her new home, enjoying playtime with her siblings and bonding with her owners. Despite her initial trauma, Phoenix shows signs of being a playful and confident pup.

Image source: Daily Mail (Phoenix, with her new owner, Meredith Gintzig-Hayes)

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