Walmart To Pay Shoppers Up To $500!

Walmart To Pay Shoppers Up To $500!

Florida shoppers sued Walmart for overcharging on certain weighed items. Shoppers have the chance of getting an amount of $500 as a result of the lawsuit settlement. Those who bought the overcharged list of items in person at Walmart stores in the US or Puerto Rico from October 18, 2018, to January 19, 2024, can take the settlement pay. Each customer could receive up to $500, but they must file a claim by June 5 online or by mail. Let’s have a closer look at how this settlement process happens.

Walmart Price Inflation Lawsuit

The lawsuit alleges that Walmart inflated the prices of specific items. Particularly those that are sold by weight, such as meat, seafood, and bagged citrus fruits. These products have price-embedded barcodes; that is how they identify the items when charging. The settlement, which will determine the compensation for affected customers, is subject to approval by the court in June.

Customers who have receipts can receive up to $500 in compensation. Others will receive varying amounts. It depends on the number of eligible items purchased. The deadline for customers to voice objections or opt out of the settlement is May 22. This gives them the chance to address concerns or pursue alternative legal actions.

Florida Residents Leading The Lawsuit

Tampa resident Vassilios Kukorinis noticed Walmart was overcharging and became the lead plaintiff in a lawsuit. He visited Walmart stores to collect evidence, which he shared with lawyers from Morgan & Morgan. They filed a complaint in February 2019 after their investigations.

Kukorinis and the lawyers went to California for mediation with Walmart in November 2019. Eventually, Morgan & Morgan settled with Walmart’s lawyers, but Kukorinis said he wasn’t told about it.

Walmart representatives denied allegations of overcharging but agreed to a settlement, deeming it beneficial for both parties. The class action complaint, reviewed by, accuses Walmart of engaging in false, misleading, and deceptive conduct, violating state consumer protection statutes and common law.

Walmart To Pay Shoppers Up To $500
Image source: Walmart corporate

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