15-year-old Is Set To Become The Youngest-Known College Graduate (1)

15-year-old Is Set To Become The Youngest-Known College Graduate!

In Gary, Indiana, 15-year-old Khaya Njumbe is on track to become the youngest college graduate in the state. He is doing all this while also completing his high school education. He’s not only finishing high school but is becoming the first in his family to graduate from college.

Alongside his academic accomplishments, Khaya enjoys video games, basketball, and poetry. He’s active in both the Jesse White Tumbling Team and taekwondo, where he holds a second-degree black belt. Let’s have a closer look at Khaya’s remarkable journey.

Exceptional Teen Achieves Early College Success

The 15-year-old student will be receiving his bachelor’s degree in general studies from Indiana University Northwest. He aims to pursue a career in medicine.

Khaya began his college journey at just 12 years old, balancing online and in-person classes alongside extracurricular activities like playing piano and studying Chinese. While enrolled at IU Northwest, he also took dual-credit courses at 21st Century Charter High School in Gary, Indiana, allowing him to accumulate enough credits for his bachelor’s degree.

Despite doubts, Khaya sees his achievements as natural because he’s always loved learning. He’s earned three associate degrees from Ivy Tech in biology, liberal arts, and general studies.

Professors, like Jack Bloom, commend Khaya’s exceptional dedication and academic prowess. Despite his age, Khaya’s presence on campus has sparked intrigue and admiration.

Khaya Njumbe’s Intellectual Odyssey: Insights from Him and His Parents

Khaya’s remarkable journey began early. His parents recognized his intelligence when he was a toddler. Khaya had joined a reading program at 4 years old. He effortlessly advanced through grade levels.

He wants to get a master’s degree and then a doctorate in biomedical engineering by the time he’s 22 from IU Northwest. People admire his determination and believe he can achieve even more.

15-year-old Youngest-Known College Graduate
Image Source: New York Post

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