Danny Platinum started from London Streets & Earned Four ‘Yeses’ on the BGT Stage

Musician Danny Platinum stated his freestyle on the red carpet outside the iconic theater and earned four ‘yeses’ on Britain’s Got Talent. He started his act off the stage and while he was singing, he entered the stage. This iconic act impressed all over the audience.  Even before the appearance of BGT, Danny performed as a rapper all over the UK.

Danny Platinum on BGT audition

Danny started his audition even though he didn’t come to the stage. It was really entertaining for the audience and they danced with him. Danny sang his original as a live rap. Bruno said “I love that, you are a showman man”. Alesha added “you are fire, that genuine freestyle yeah” and Danny sang another freestyle to Alesha.

“really like you Dan. We always stay on this show. You get 3 or 4 minutes a lot of people just stay on the stage. You obviously have this thought in your head: go outside improvise, you did something different and you’re going to be remembered”

Simon Cowell

YouTube comments proved the attraction of fans for this performance is over the moon. Fans really enjoyed this act. It’s not only the live fans, there are YouTube watchers as well. 

YouTube comments for the audition

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