Who Is Behind Shooting Drake’s Security Guard, In Front Of The Mansion Gates?

In the early hours of Tuesday, a security guard working for the famed musician Drake, was shot outside his Canadian home. Who could be responsible for this unsettling act? Is it tied to Drake’s ongoing tensions with another rapper?

Local authorities rushed to Drake’s mansion located in Toronto, in response to a distress call. The victim, a 48-year-old male whose identity remains undisclosed, suffered serious injuries in the gunfire. He swiftly received urgent medical attention at a nearby hospital. The shooting took place while the guard was stationed outside the front gates of Drake’s residence.

Law enforcement officials revealed that the attacker, possibly more than one individual, fled the scene in a vehicle, and the details remain unknown. Investigators are meticulously combing through evidence and surveillance footage to piece together the sequence of events.

Who Is Behind This Attack?

This isn’t the first instance of violence at Drake’s Toronto home. Police arrested a woman in March 2021 for allegedly assaulting a security guard outside the mansion. The latest shooting comes amidst a longstanding feud between Drake and fellow rapper Kendrick Lamar.

Drake vs Lamar

Back when Kendrick Lamar was still climbing the ladder of success, Drake extended a friendly gesture by featuring him on his Take Care album and granting him a prime spot on his 2012 Club Paradise Tour.

However, in 2013, following the triumph of Lamar’s debut album Good Kid, m.A.A.d City, he didn’t shy away from expressing his aspirations. In a guest verse on Big Sean’s Control, Lamar didn’t hold back, taking aim at Drake and a slew of other rappers. His message was clear,

I got love for you all, but I’m trying to murder you

Kendrick Lamar

For years, the two artists have engaged in a public spat. Using social media and rap tracks to exchange verbal blows, often with unsubstantiated claims. Is this incident Kendrick Lamar’s payback against Drake, or a message in their ongoing dispute? We’ll have to wait for authorities to find out.

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