How Randy Travis Got His Voice Back with AI? First Song Released Since The Fatal Stroke in 2013!

Imagine, you’re a famous singer belting out tunes, then suddenly, you lose your voice. Fast forward a decade, and you’re dropping a fresh track, reconnecting with fans. That’s the rollercoaster ride of beloved country Song Singer Randy Travis.

With the assistance of artificial intelligence, country music legend Randy Travis, renowned for timeless classics like “Forever and Ever, Amen” and “I Told You So,” has reclaimed his voice following his near-fatal stroke in 2013.

Randy’s Battle With Stroke in 2013

Rewinding back to 2013, Travis encountered a health crisis, landing him in the hospital with viral cardiomyopathy. A heart condition, followed by a stroke. During this tough time, Randy Travis had to work hard to get better. He had to learn simple things again, like walking, spelling, and reading. Aphasia, a condition impacting his speech, kept him away from the music scene for over a decade until now. Surprisingly, last Friday, Randy released his new song “Where That Came From,” with the support of AI.

How AI Gaveback Randy’s Voice?

Cris Lacy, co-president of Warner Music Nashville, approached Randy and Mary Travis with an innovative proposal. What if we utilized AI to recreate Randy’s voice? Randy & Mary were immediately captivated by the idea and filled with excitement to go ahead

Lacy collaborated with developers in London to create an AI system for the project. Resulting in two models. One comprising 12 short song snippets and the other containing 42 songs from Travis’ career spanning from 1985 to 2013.

From this collection, Lacy chose Where That Came From, a song co-written by Scotty Emerick and John Scott Sherrill that had been held onto for years. She was confident that this track would perfectly embody Travis’ unique vocal flair.

Finally, the demo vocal performed by James Dupree fed into the AI models to generate the song. However, realizing some elements didn’t align with Randy’s authentic style, the team collaborated with engineer Casey Wood, who had worked closely with Travis for decades.

Together, they meticulously curated parts from both models, refining details such as vibrato speed and fine-tuning phrases to capture Randy’s unique essence. Thanks to the remarkable work of AI and Randy’s unwavering determination, “Where That Came From” song gave Randy his voice back. But what lies ahead? Could we anticipate more original songs from Randy Travis? According to Mary Travis, there’s a strong possibility in the future for more songs with Randy’s voice.

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