This Nurse Got A 760-Year Sentence For The Death Of 17 Patients

This is the result, when an individual transitions from performing animal euthanasia at a veterinary clinic to becoming a certified nurse. A Nurse from Pennsylvania was sentenced to hundreds of years in prison for her involvement in the deaths of 17 patients.

At 41 years old, Heather Pressdee held a position as a nurse at Quality Life Services. Until her arrest in May 2023. Pressdee’s criminal actions began in 2020, as she administered “lethal and potentially lethal doses of insulin” to at least 22 patients. In facilities across Allegheny, Armstrong, Butler, and Westmoreland counties. Sadly, seventeen of these patients passed away either shortly after or at some point following the administration of the insulin doses.

Pressdee, after pleading guilty to three counts of first-degree murder, has been given three consecutive life sentences. Furthermore, she faces an additional 380 to 760 years behind bars for the 19 counts of attempted murder.

During the sentencing hearing for the registered nurse, family members of Pressdee’s victims spoke out in court. Sharing the pain and anguish they experienced upon learning that their loved ones’ deaths were not natural, but the outcome of criminal actions.

How Did The Evil Nurse Get Caught?

Attorney General Michelle Henry first became aware of Pressdee’s wrongdoing when her office received a referral in late 2022. Regarding a patient under the nurse’s care. This prompted a thorough investigation, ultimately uncovering the multitude of deaths attributed to Pressdee’s actions. She was taken into custody in May 2023.

Her Past Reveals It All

Pressdee’s background unveils disciplinary measures enacted at 11 prior nursing posts in Western Pennsylvania. These steps were prompted by reports of “abusive behavior toward patients or staff”. Eventually resulting in her resignation or termination from each position.

Interestingly, preceding her nursing career, Pressdee worked at a veterinary clinic, where her duties included animal euthanasia. Initially, Pressdee believed she was easing the suffering of many through her actions. However, she has since acknowledged the fallacy of this notion and has expressed remorse, extending apologies for her past conduct.

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