How Drake Tackled His Viral Leaked “Sex Tape” With Humour?

Drake, the well-known rapper, landed in a controversial spotlight when an alleged inappropriate video leaked online. When the unsettling video surfaced online, depicting a man who closely resembled Drake in a private setting, the internet erupted in a mix of speculation and shock.

A Shot of the leaked video

The video showcased the individual undressing and engaging in a personal act, with the setting notably similar to that of Drake’s $220 million private jet’s interior design. The resemblance prompted questions and a viral reaction that reached hundreds of thousands, setting social media ablaze with conversations and memes.

Drake’s $220 million private jet’s interior

Instead of sweating under the harsh social media spotlight, Drake elected to handle the incident with laughter and mockery. Popular streamer Adin Ross shared a voice memo he sent to Drake, which received roaring reactions, including Drake’s response laden with laughing emojis. Humour became Drake’s shield against the viral storm, a tactic that maintained his cool in an otherwise potentially embarrassing scenario.

in Bridgestone Arena

In a recent concert on Wednesday night at Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, Tennessee, Drake amused the crowd by addressing the alleged viral video circulating about him. Taking the mic, he quipped,

“I know y’all probably waiting on me to address this, so — the rumours are true.”

Drake In a recent concert at Bridgestone Arena

Following a momentary pause, he jestingly continued,

“My dad is here! That’s what y’all were waiting for?”

Drake In a recent concert at Bridgestone Arena

Despite his father, Dennis Graham, being present, it was evident that Drake was humorously acknowledging the leaked viral video was true.

The leaked tape saga, while initially a source of gossip and rumour, ultimately highlighted Drake’s ability to tactfully navigate a media firestorm with humour, diffusing tension and potentially adding a new layer to his public image.

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