What is Tim Duncan’s ex-wife, Amy Sherrill, now

What Is Tim Duncan’s Ex-wife, Amy Sherrill, Doing Now? Did She Marry Again? Let’s Find Out.

Amy Sherrill was in the spotlight since she was married to American Basketball playerTim Duncan. However, Tim Duncan’s ex-wife, Amy Sherrill, has not re-married to anyone else, after her divorce from Tim

Do you eager to know the latest news about Tim Duncan’s first wife Amy? Then, let’s dive into the article for more details. 

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Key Takeaways

  • Amy keeps her marital status as single after getting divorced from her ex-husband, Tim Duncan.
  • Currently, she lives a peaceful life, raising her two children.
  • Amy doesn’t have any profile on any social media platform.
  • As per available sources, Amy belongs a net worth of more than 100 million USD.
  • There is no known information on her current profession or career life.

Amy Sherrill & Tim Duncan’s Marriage Life

Tim Duncan and Amy Sherrill met each other in 1992 while they were studying at Wake Forest University. After dating each other for 19 years, they tied the knot on July 21, 2001. Their wedding ceremony was a very personal event. Very few people attended it.  

After their marriage, they were lucky enough to become parents of two children. Their daughter Sydney was born on June 27, 2005. Their son Draven was born on August 3, 2007. Also, this family got much attention from the media.

12 years after their marriage, they decided to get divorce each other in August 2013. There were many rumors regarding their divorce. Some posited that Amy was cheating on Tim with Tim’s trainer, named Gilbert R. Urbano Jr.

There was another rumor that Amy was seeking a divorce, as Tim was bi-sexual. Also, some claimed that Tim Duncan isn’t the actual father of their kids

However, talking about the divorce, Amy once said they had to end up with a divorce since the marriage had become burdensome. Further, she claimed that there were no fair reasons for reconciliation.

 Although Tim received the divorce unexpectedly, he didn’t allow that to affect his career. 

The time when there is no one there to feel sorry for you or to cheer for you is when a player is made.

Tim Duncan

Tim is currently dating a television personality in America, Vanessa Macias. Tim and Vanessa also got a daughter, Quill Duncan in 2017. Amy is currently leading a pacific life with her two children. 

Tim Duncan new girlfriend

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Next, let’s get to know about Amy’s family background.

Amy Sherrill’s Family Background

Amy Sherrill was born in 1977 in North Carolina, United States. Her father was Fred Sherrill, and her mother was Judy Sherrill. Amy was the only child of her parents. She is an American by her born, and she belongs to the Caucasian ethnic group

Amy grew up in a very supportive environment, being the only child of her family. While in college, her future aspiration was to become a doctor. After graduating high school in North Carolina, she attended Wake Shore University to study philanthropy. 

Tim Duncan with his kids

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In the next section, let’s get into some details regarding Amy’s current net worth.

How Much Is Amy Sherrill’s Net Worth Now?

As per available sources, Amy Sherrill’s net worth is estimated as 100 million USD. According to unconfirmed information, Amy and Tim resolved their divorce for 105 million USD

While she was studying at Wake Shore University, Amy was a cheerleader for a while. After she got married to Tim, she continued many philanthropy activities. She managed the Tim Duncan foundation, which was a non-profit foundation. Tim Duncan foundation supported health, education, awareness, and research fundraising. 

However, currently, Amy keeps her career life very private. 

Amy Sherill with her ex-husband their kids

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Although she is trying to stay away from the limelight, does she available on any social media platform? Let’s find that in the other section. 

Social Media

Amy doesn’t belong to any kind of official social media account. Also, no other personal website exists on the internet that belongs to Amy. She is completely keeping her life away from social media. Even the time she was married to Tim, she prioritized her privacy. 

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Tim Duncan’s ex-wife, Amy Sherrill, keeps her marital status as single after the divorce of her first marriage. Currently, she is leading a peaceful life with her two children. She keeps herself away from public attention and social media. There is no recently updated information on the internet regarding her assets and career life. 


What is the birthday of Amy Sherrill?

Although she was born in 1977,  the exact month and date remain unknown.

What is the net worth of Amy Sherrill?

As per marriedceleb.com, Amy owns more than 100 million USD net worth. 

Does Amy Sherrill have an Instagram account?

Amy is unavailable on any social media platform, including Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. 

What is the height of Amy Sherrill?

There is no available information about Amy’s height, weight, etc. 

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