Lucian Buscemi with his farther Steve Buscemi

Meet Lucian Buscemi, Steve Buscemi’s Only Son

Lucian Buscemi is an American actor, director, producer, and musician. Also, he is the only son of a famous American celebrity, Steve Buscemi.

Ever been wondering how Lucian Buscemi became a celebrity? This article covers some personal facts regarding Lucian Buscemi and his career journey.

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Key Takeaways

  • Lucian Buscemi is the only son of his celebrity parents, Steve Buscemi and Jo Andes.
  • Lucian is a talented musician, and he had featured in several movies. 
  • Lucian Buscemi is a single man.
  • Lucian doesn’t have any public social media accounts. 
Lucian with his friend

Lucian Buscemi Biography & Early Life

Lucian was born on June 30, 1990, in New York. His parents, Steve Buscemi and Jo Andres were in movie-oriented professions. He was raised in Park Slope, Brooklyn as an only child of a celebrity family. His ethnicity is Caucasian

When Lucian was six years old, he was featured in his father’s movie “Trees Lounge”. However, Lucian’s childhood dream was to become a musician. Rock music bands such as The Clash and The Ramones inspired little Lucian. When he turned 16, he formed a trio band with his two friends.

We also have influences that suck but you just don’t hear them.

Lucian Buscemi

They named the band “Fiasco”, which was influenced by rock music. All the band members were multi-instrumentalists.

Lucian Buscemi with his farther Steve Buscemi

Lucian Buscemi‘s Family Background?

Lucian was blessed enough to be born and raised as an only child of a celebrity family. Lucian’s father Steve Buscemi, was a well-known Hollywood actor, writer, producer, and director. Lucian’s mother Jo Andes, was a movie-maker, dancer, and artist. Although Lucian’s parents were super busy with their careers, they managed to lead a successful family life.

Steve’s brother, Michael Buscemi, was also a Hollywood actor. However, Lucian’s father allowed Lucian to follow his desires. 

I feel my life has more meaning because I am responsible for another life, although I don’t have control over what Lucian – my son – is going to do. He’s definitely going to crave his own way.

Steve Buscemi (Lucian’s father)
Lucian Buscemi with his parents then and now

In the next section, we are ready to share with you what we found about Lucian’s love life.

Lucian Buscemi Relationships

Lucian Buscemi keeps his love life away from the public. There is no available information about his life partner or past relationships. He is a single man. 

How much is Lucian Buscemi’s Net Worth Now?

Lucian Buscemi’s net worth is estimated at over 5 million USD. He has earned that amount from his acting and music careers.

In the next section, let’s find out about Lucian’s career life. 


Although Lucian is an actor, he performs better in music. In October 2005, Lucian started the band “Fiasco” with his friends, Jonathan Edelstein and Julian Bennett Holmes.

They released their first music album, “God Loves Fiasco” on June 24, 2007.  It was a massive hit that inspired them to release more albums such as Native Canadians (2008), Fabulous Bozo FP (2009), and Sinus Rhythm Breakdown (2012). However, after 2012, Fiasco went silent due to unknown reasons.

In 2007, he contributed to making the soundtrack of the movie “Interview”, with a song from his band “Fiasco”.  In 2011, Lucian collaborated to create the original soundtrack of the movie “4.44 Last Day on Earth”. Also in 2011, Lucian worked for the audio department of the movie “Sal”.  

Lucian’s acting career started, appearing in a minor role in the movie “Trees Lounge” when he was six years old.  Lucian’s father, Steve Buscemi directed it. Thereafter, he featured several movies such as The Sopranos, 4.44 Last Day on Earth, and Sal

Lusian Boscemi with his friends

Can you connect with Lucian on social media? In the next section, let’s find out whether you can.

Social Media

Lucian doesn’t have public accounts on any social media platform. 


Lucian Buscemi is an American actor, director, producer, and musician. He is the only son of famous American celebrities Steve Buscemi and Jo Andes. As per available sources, he is a single man. Lucian prefers to keep his life away from public attention. 


Who is Lucian Buscemi?

He is the only son of Steve Buscemi, also an American actor, director, producer, and musician. 

How old is Lucian Buscemi?

Lucian is 32 years old as of 2022. 

How tall is Lucian Buscemi?

He is 5 feet 8 inches (1.72m) tall.

What was Lucian Buuscemi’s band?

Fiasco, an American Brooklyn- based trio, was his band.

What movies has Lucian Buscemi been in?

He has been featured in movies such as Trees Lounge, The Sopranos4.44 Last Day on Earth, and Sal

Who is Lucian Buscemi’s wife?

As of 2022, Lucian is not yet married.

Does Lucian Buscemi have kids?

As per available resources, Lucian Buscemi hasn’t got any children. 

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