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Tips and Tricks to Earn More Flame Elementium in Torchlight Infinite

<strong>Tips and Tricks to Earn More Flame Elementium in Torchlight Infinite</strong>

Builds are very important in Torchlight Infinite, and players are always looking for methods to improve their builds till the end of the game. One of the best methods to upgrade their build is by using items, but these items come with a price tag. You need crafting currency to buy these items from the auction house. For beginners, getting the crafting currency itself is very difficult. For this purpose, these tips and tricks to earn unlimited Flame Elementium in Torchlight Infinite come in handy. Along with these tips and tricks, you will also learn more about the Flame Elementium and its uses.   

What is Flame Elementium?

Torchlight infinite features many different currencies, but Flame Elementium is the most important currency, as it is required at almost every step in the game. It is a trading and crafting currency through which players can purchase gears to deal with the end-game content. In most cases, you will have enough Flame Elementium, but mistakes are very common, and some of these mistakes will be left you empty. To help you in having a good amount of Torchlight Infinite Currency in the bag, these tricks and tips are very beneficial. 

Tips and Tricks to earn more Flame Elementium

Earning and saving Flame Elementium becomes very easy thanks to these tips and tricks. There are a few details that you should remember. The first thing is that after players reach the Nether realm tier four, they will receive this currency. This continues as players proceed to high tiers. You can make necessary changes to these tips and tricks to adopt them according to your gameplay and goals.  

Map Trait cards

Most players don’t know this, but trait cards are an integral part of the torchlight infinite. Mapping and trait cards are important aspects of the game. By doing the mapping of trait cards perfectly, you can get a decent amount of Flame Elementium shortly. This method requires you to explore some high-tier maps in the game, such as tier-five or above-tier maps. Before you can move to these maps, you need to get a good build because you will be get killed otherwise. In just one hour, you can make enough money through this method which wasn’t possible through hours of grinding. If you this trick is good for you, work on getting these cards first, as they increase your chances of getting something big on those high-tier maps.

  • Doughty card – Rare, magic, or any other card
  • Use the Sharp card to covert gear into the flame fuel
  • The generous card provides you with the possibility to upgrade the flame fuel from drops 

With these cards, there is one more thing left, and you are good to go. It is the compass that will provide you with some extra gear items from drops, increases the availability of rare monsters, provides you with some extra flame fuel drops, and increases the rarity of a drop. When it comes to rolling the map, your target rarity should be above one hundred percent. This will enable you to enjoy high rarity and better quantity value. To get the most out of this tip, select any area on the map and put these three cards to start the grinding for the currency. At the start of the map, select the doughty card, while the sharp card should be your second choice. Combine both compasses and the generous card to get more and high rarity drops from any area on the map. Keep in mind that you have to convert extra pieces to flame fuel so you can later convert them to Torchlight Infinite Flame Elementium. 

Sell items on the auction house

Torchlight infinite features an auction house where you can sell any free items to earn various currencies, including Flame Elementium. To unlock the auction house in torchlight infinite, you need to hit character level sixty. Afterward, it is all about luck and keeping an eye on the market. If you are an investor, check prices to keep a good profit margin before purchasing items from the auction house and become a millionaire in no time. 

If you have any extra rare gear in the inventory, sell it at the auction house because they go at a pretty high price. Embers can be found very easily on your adventure, and there is no need to hold them in the inventory for too long. Restless embers and ominous embers are two common embers that you should sell in the first place, while others should be sold at personal choice. Embers are very important for crafting gear, so don’t sell them if you’re planning on getting new gear. 

Turn fate cards and memory fragments in

Memory fragments can be found easily in torchlight infinite, especially if you are clearing maps. Collect all the fragments and keep them in the inventory until you deal with all the game maps. Afterward, go to the spacetime wanderer and sell all the fragments to him and get some legendary gears from him in return. He also swaps fragments with currencies and other important items. These items are worth getting as you can sell them at the auction house whenever you want.  

Get crafting materials

Crafting is an important part of torchlight infinite, and it features various crafting materials, such as flame fuel and embers, to help you craft weapons and other stuff. You can go to Edwin on the game map and disenchant any unwanted gear to get the flame fuel in return. Embers are a common material that can be found on the game map. 

You can swap low-level currencies with flame Elementium at the auction house. Some players make the mistake of purchasing flame dust, embers, and other crafting materials with Flame Elementium, but you should never do this. You can get these crafting materials through various other methods. By following this easy tip, you can get twenty or more Flame Elementium without doing anything. Get all the Flame Elementium from mmopixel in a few simple steps.