Meet Alex Aniston, Jennifer Aniston's Half Brother

Meet Alex Aniston, Jennifer Aniston’s Half Brother

Alex Aniston is known as the half-brother of renowned American actress Jenifer Aniston. Also, he is the son of former American media personality actor John Aniston.  

Do you know why Alex Aniston is known as the unconventional sibling in the Aniston family? In this article, let’s explore Alex Aniston’s life story. 

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Key takeaways

  • Veteran American actor John Aniston is the father of Alex Aniston and Jenifer Aniston.
  • Alex Aniston tries to keep his life away from any kind of spotlight.
  • Alex got a son and daughter from his relationship with Adrine Hallek. 
  • Currently, Alex is dating Kiri Perita, an Australian veterinary technician. 
  • At present, Alex makes his living by selling animal skulls. 

Alex Aniston’s Biography And Early Life

Alex Aniston was born on May 2, 1989, in Los Angeles, California. His full name is Alexander John Aniston. However, he uses Aja Neztic as his nickname. He is a Christian by his born and has mixed ethnicity. 

Both his parents were professional actors. He went to a local American school in Santa Cruz. Alex led a luxurious life while he was growing up. He spent most of his childhood with his parents in Los Angeles.  

In the next section, let’s dig deeper into Alex Aniston’s family background. 

Alex Aniston’s family Background

Alex is from a family of glorious acting backgrounds. His mother is Sherry Rooney, who was a professional actress. His father, John Aniston, was a veteran movie star in America. Alex was the only child of his parents and also the child of his father’s second marriage.

First, his father, John Aniston, was married to Nancy Dow, who was also an actress. Nancy got a son called John T. Melick in her first marriage. In that marriage, John got a daughter Jennifer Aniston, a well-known Hollywood star. That was the reason Alex became Jennifer’s paternal half-sibling. 

Both Alex and Jenifer have a good connection as siblings. However, it is crystal clear that Alex is trying to distance himself from his celebrity family. 

Jennifer Aniston has said nothing about her younger brother, who described himself to the Daily Mail as a “traveling artist,” and has never appeared in public with him.

Luchina Fisher from ABC News

Does Alex Aniston have kids? The next section will answer this question. 

Does Alex Aniston Have Kids?

It is an open secret that Alex had a romantic relationship with Adrine Hallek, a makeup artist and tattoo model. Unfortunately, they broke up due to some unknown reasons. 

They got a son and a daughter from their relationship. Their son Ryan Aniston was born in 2014, and their daughter Kira Aniston was born in 2016.

Alex hardly meets his children and doesn’t support them financially. John Aniston was financially supporting them since Alex was ignoring his responsibility. 

It seems that he is not a good father to his kids. That is all about Alex’s past relationship and his kids.

Alex Aniston son Ryan and daughter Kira Aniston

Who is Alex Aniston dating now?

Currently, Alex is dating a pretty Australian lady Kiri Perita. She is a veterinary technician by profession. Kiri has a Maori New Zealand heritage. She mostly grew up in Georgia and the United States of America.  

The meeting between Alex and Kiri remains unknown. They share similar tastes in tattoos and a general punk lifestyle.

In 2017, this couple resided in Aniston’s Los Angeles apartment. However, there are clues that Alex and Kiri are currently living in a town in Northern California City. And they lead their lives on their terms.  

How does Alex make his living? In the next section, you can find out about his career life.

Alex with his girlfriend Kiri Perita

Career and Occupation

Alex initiated his career as an actor, screenwriter, producer, and musician. Many spectators predicted that Alex would be a rocking Hollywood star following in the footsteps of his family. But, he was unable to sustain himself in the film industry.  

Alex Aniston is known as the unconventional sibling in the Aniston family. As he doesn’t prefer the limelight, he selected an unusual way of making money. Currently, he is a self-styled traveling salesman. At present, he cleans and sells animal skulls to taxidermists to make a living. 

He prefers to build up original bicycles, assembling various bike parts. He spends most of his time at political protests. Apart from his inborn acting talents, he has been creative enough to make his clothing. He is a man who loves animals, nature, traveling, and hiking. 

What social media platforms is he available to? In the next section, you can find out.

Alex Aniston then and now

Social Media

He is currently not available on social media.


Alex Aniston is Jennifer Aniston’s paternal half-brother and the son of American actor John Aniston. Alex tries to keep his life away from any kind of spotlight. He got two children from his relationship with Adrine Hallek, and currently, he is dating Kiri Perita. At present, he sells animal skulls to make his living. 


What is Alex Anistor’s age?

He celebrated his 33rd birthday on May 2, 2022. 

What is the net worth of Alex Aniston?

His net worth is estimated as 100,000 USD.

What is Alex Aniston’s occupation?

Currently, he is a self-styled traveling salesman.

Who is Alex Aniston’s mother?

His mother is Sherry Rooney, who was an actress in the profession. 

What is Alex Aniston’s zodiac sign?

Taurus is his zodiac sign. 

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