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Why did the Saudi Royal Family Give Lil Wayne a Lamborghini?

Dwayne Michael Carter Jr. aka Lil Wayne, is an American rapper, songwriter, singer, and record executive. Recently, a Daily Load Twitter post revealed that the Saudi royal family gave Lil Wayne a $ 25,000 Franck Muller watch & a black Lamborghini in 2019. Why The Saudi royal family gave such an expensive gift to Lil Wayne? Let’s find out!

Lil Wayne aka Dwayne Michael Carter Jr

What happened to Lil Wayne at Saudi Airport?

Lil landed in a private Saudi airport in 2019. But he could not enter the country because the number of jewelry items was worth more than $25,000. Border security requires that items of high value should be declared in advance beforehand.

So Lil didn’t wish to go on such protocols and returned to his plane. Albawaba reported,

So suddenly, while I was sitting there, they told me hey yo, his excellency just found out about this s**t, and he is pissing, and you go straight and do nothing.

After he got out of his plane, everyone was like statues. They informed Lil that Mohammed Bin Salman would need to take 5 minutes.

Mohammed Bin Salman came to my room and was highly upset. Bin Salman came and said 25k your jewelry, and I bring you to gift with 25k. And he made his man open the gift, it was a Franck Muller watch, and it was definitely more than 25k. And after he left the room, he said, ” Oh, I forgot, Lamborghini or Ferrari? I thought it was a general question. I said, Lamborghini. I thought he was asking me which one is better. Then he asked what color? I said black. I got that like two or three days ago.

What did the Twitter community think about this incident?

Daily Loud has reported this on their Twitter profile let’s find out what the Twitter community thought.

What did the Twitter community think about this incident

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