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Bill Arriaga is an enigma since he appears to have no social standing or recognition. Consequently, he is unknown to a large number of individuals. Introducing himself as the husband of famed musician and artist Suzette Quintanilla brought him instant notoriety.

Bill Arriaga Biography

Despite the fact that Bill was born sometime in the 1960s in the United States, no one knows exactly when or where he lived. In addition, he hasn’t shared any information about his siblings, parents, or educational background.

Selenas: The series, in which he appeared in the 8th episode titled Gold Rush, brought him to the notice of the media.

“Queen of Tejano music,” Selena Quintanilla, had a significant role in the story of the series. Selena, an American singer, was born on April 16th, 1971, and was murdered on March 31st, 1995, by her manager. She was a Tejano artist, and the series chronicles the narrative of her family’s dispute and their relationship. His wife serves as the show’s executive producer.

When Warner Bros. aired the 1997 series Selena, which chronicled the life and career of Tejano artist Selena, starring then-unknown Jennifer Lopez as Selena, it helped propel her into prominence. Christian Serratos starred in the Netflix original series Selena: The Series premiered in 2020.

Bill Arriaga's wife Suzette Quintanilla
Bill Arriaga’s wife Suzette Quintanilla

Family and Relationship

Soon after meeting each other, Suzette Quintanilla and Bill Arriaga developed a close friendship that eventually bloomed into love. In 1993, Suzette tied the knot with her longtime flame. Yolanda Saldivar was a bridesmaid at their wedding party, which is interesting. If you’re wondering who Saldivar is, she’s the woman who tragically killed Selena.

Suzette and Bill gave birth to their son, Jovan Arriaga. Even though Suzette hasn’t mentioned him in interviews, she frequently posts images of him on her Instagram profile to show her affection.

Jovan Arriaga was born in the United States of America on March 5th, 1998. He has reached the age of 23 years. Suzette wished their son a happy 23rd birthday on Instagram. Bill and Suzette have been together for more than 28 years.

What is the connection between Bill Arriaga and Selena Quintanilla?

Bill Arriaga wife, Suzette Quintanilla, is the younger sister of the legendary instrumentalist Selena Quintanilla.

Bill Arriaga and his son Jova Arriaga
Bill Arriaga and his son Jova Arriaga

Bill Arriaga net worth

Bill’s professional life has been kept out of the public eye. Despite the fact that little is known about his professional or entrepreneurial history, he is believed to be worth $1.5 million.


Could we see Bill Arriaga in part 2 of Selena: The Series?

In the first season of the series, Bill met Suzette before they married in 1993, and we only saw him briefly. It’s possible they’ll return in the upcoming season. For now, let’s hope that we’ll get to see more of the two of them together in public.

Who played Bill Arriaga in Selena the Series?

Suzette Quintanilla, played by Noemi Gonzalez, is depicted in episode eight of Selena: The Series falling in love with Bill Arriaga, played by Christian Escobar, right away. Christian Escobar is an actor who has starred in films such as Selena: The Series (2020), Sangre Negra (2016), and Magic City (2012).

Will there be Part 3 of Selena: The Series?

Because Selena’s terrible demise is depicted in Part 2, a part 3 of Selena: The Series isn’t in the cards. It’s natural that the series concludes with the death of the icon since it’s a part of her story and music history, and it speaks to the impact her music and life had on pop culture and the fans who adored her.

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