Are Vivica Fox and Jamie Foxx Related? Truth Behind the Rumors

Is Vivica Fox and Jamie Foxx Related? Truth Behind the Rumors

Without a doubt, Vivica Fox and Jamie Foxx are One of the most versatile actor duo in Hollywood. Since they share the same last name there were rumors that actors Vivica Fox and Jamie Foxx are related. So actually do Vivica Fox and Jamie Foxx share more than a last name? This article delves into the truth behind the buzz circulating about whether these two stars are related.

Vivica Fox and Jamie Foxx

Vivica A. Fox is a well-known figure in Hollywood, famous for her versatility and determination. She started off as a dancer on ‘Soul Train’ and later, became an actress. In 1996, she gained recognition for her roles in “Independence Day” and “Set It Off,” and was nominated for an MTV Movie Award for the latter. In her personal life, Vivica has had a diverse love life, having dated personalities like rapper 50 Cent and businessman Omar “Slim” White, and also being married to singer Christopher Harvest.

Jamie Foxx is a Hollywood actor and comedian originally from Terrell, Texas. He started his career on the sketch comedy show ‘In Living Color’ before moving on to star in his sitcom, ‘The Jamie Foxx Show‘. Jamie’s most notable role was playing Ray Charles in the biopic ‘Ray’, which won him an Oscar and cemented his status as a respected actor. Jamie is also a talented musician, having won multiple Grammy awards. He has been in relationships with well-known figures such as Katie Holmes and is the father of two daughters.

The source of the relationship rumors between Vivica Fox and Jamie Foxx seems to come from their shared last name, prompting some to wonder if there is a familial link. However, it’s crucial to clarify that despite their surname similarity, Vivica A. Fox and Jamie Foxx are not related by blood. Vivica has proudly carried her birth name throughout her career, while Jamie chose his stage name, Foxx, strategically to stand out in the world of stand-up comedy – a testament to his savvy understanding of show business.

Vivica A. Fox and Jamie Foxx have worked together on at least one occasion. They starred opposite each other in the 1997 comedy film “Booty Call”. In the movie, Jamie Foxx plays Bunz, a smooth-talking bachelor trying to impress two women for a night of fun, while Vivica A. Fox portrays Lysterine, one of the women Bunz sets his sights on.

While “Booty Call” is their only known on-screen collaboration, it’s worth noting that both actors have extensive filmographies, so there’s a possibility they may have crossed paths on other projects in smaller roles or as part of larger ensembles. However, “Booty Call” remains their most significant joint acting endeavor.

Did Jamie Foxx Change His Name?

Jamie Foxx did indeed change his name. Born Eric Marlon Bishop, he adopted his stage name when forging a path in comedy. He picked a gender-neutral name that would increase his chances of being selected to perform at clubs where a preference for female comedians was prevalent.

The Truth Behind the Rumors

Vivica A. Fox and Jamie Foxx are not related by blood, according to the available evidence. They have both addressed this rumor and confirmed that they are not family. They have a bond through friendship and professional collaboration, rather than through any familial lineage.


Upon investigating the rumor that Vivica Fox and Jamie Foxx are related, we find that it is simply that – a rumor. Both individuals have built remarkable legacies on their talents and contributions to the entertainment industry.


Have Vivica Fox and Jamie Foxx ever worked together? 

Yes, they’ve shared the screen in films like “Booty Call.”

Do Vivica Fox and Jamie Foxx share any family connections through marriage?

No, they are not related by marriage or by blood.

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