A Taco Bell Manager Saves A Baby Who Stopped Breathing In The Drive-Thru!

A Taco Bell Manager Saves A Baby Who Stopped Breathing In The Drive-Thru!

In a Taco Bell drive-thru, a mother faced her worst nightmare, which transformed into a display of unexpected heroism. The incident took place in Richboro, Bucks County in Pennsylvania around 1:30 PM on a Saturday. The 11-month-old Myles was in the Taco Bell drive-thru with his mother when he suddenly stopped breathing. At this fast-food venue, the manager emerged as an unlikely hero to save the life of this child. Surveillance footage has captured the heroic act. The mother of Myles did not hesitate in calling her a “Guardian Angel.” Let’s have a look at the full story. 

The Crisis Unfolds

Natasha Long visited a CVS to pick up medication for her 11-week-old son, Myles, who had been experiencing airway issues. However, the situation took a frightening turn in the Taco Bell drive-thru when Myles suddenly stopped breathing. Natasha recalled the terror of that moment. “I heard him kind of gasping for breath,” she said. Surveillance footage vividly captured the panic-stricken mother scrambling from her car to the back seat, where Myles lay unresponsive and turning blue.

The Hero Saves The Life! 

Amid the panic and chaos, a ray of hope appeared. Becky Arbaugh, the Taco Bell store manager, immediately came to help Natasha’s screams. Arbaugh rushed out of the restaurant. “I said give me the baby and I took the baby and I did CPR,” Arbaugh recounted. 

Her quick actions and knowledge of CPR were key in saving Myles’s life. She described the immense relief when Myles opened his eyes, gasped, and began to cry, signaling that the danger had passed.

What Happened After?

Following the rescue, paramedics arrived swiftly and transported Myles to the hospital. It was there that doctors identified a rare genetic disorder in Myles. It was unclear if this condition was linked to the breathing crisis. The ongoing medical investigation aimed to delve deeper into his health issues, providing Myles with the necessary care.

The community, rallied by this event, has come together to support Myles through a GoFundMe for his medical expenses. 

Taco Bell Manager Saves A Baby Who Stopped Breathing
Image source: WhatsNew2day / Metro.UK


This incident underscores the profound impact that ordinary individuals can have during extraordinary circumstances. Becky Arbaugh’s heroic response highlights the vital importance of knowing life-saving skills such as CPR. Natasha Long now affectionately refers to Arbaugh as “Aunt Becky,” a testament to her gratitude and the enduring bond formed through this life-saving act. 

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