A Denver Flight’s Engine Cover Falls Off Mid-air | It Even Hit The Plane’s Wing!

In a shocking event, a Boeing plane recently faced a serious malfunction. This happened after a flight’s takeoff from Denver, Colorado. Passengers were set off on a journey to Houston. The engine cover peeled off of the flight mid-air. The shocking footage shared on social media shows how it even hit the airplane’s wings. The flight urgently returned to Denver International Airport. Let’s delve into the details of what went wrong.

Unexpected Turn Of Events

Southwest Airlines flight operating a Boeing 737-800 aircraft began its journey towards Houston. However, moments into the takeoff, an engine cover, also known as an engine cowling, detached from the plane. Leaving the passengers terrified, it also collided with the plane’s wing flap!

This kind of incident can be rare. But they also pose serious safety risks relating to air travel. Witnesses and videos shared on social media captured the moment the cover blew open, eventually tearing off as the plane flew down the runway. 

Quick Response To Safeguard The Passengers

Soon recognizing the risk, the pilot and air traffic control quickly took action. An emergency was announced, and the decision was made to return the plane to Denver International Airport. This swift response ensured the safety of everyone onboard. 

Southwest Airlines, in response to this incident, made arrangements for the passengers to continue their journey to Houston on a different aircraft. They also issued an apology for the delay and reassured the public of their commitment to safety.  

We apologize for the inconvenience of their delay, but place our highest priority on ultimate Safety for our Customers and Employees.”

Southwest Airlines

The aircraft in question had been in service since June 2015. According to Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) records, it wasn’t particularly old. Boeing, the aircraft manufacturer, opted not to comment directly on this incident, directing inquiries to Southwest Airlines instead.

This event is part of a series of safety concerns involving Boeing aircraft. There were multiple crashes including the fatal crashes of the Boeing 737 MAX in 2018 and 2019. There have also been other incidents, such as engine issues, panel blowouts, and emergency landings due to technical faults.

Denver Flight's Engine Cover Falls Off Mid-air
Image source: CBS News

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