2 Major Mistakes & Fake Followers! Meghan’s Instagram Disaster

Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle’s latest venture, American Riviera Orchard, a lifestyle brand, just launched with its own Instagram account. This fresh Insta has already stirred up some buzz with two “outdated” Mistakes.

Meghan utilized this brand-new Instagram account to introduce her latest endeavor, showcasing the new website and branding. The lifestyle brand is gearing up to offer a range of products, from home decor to pet goods. However, since its debut on March 14, there’s been a lack of activity on the account. With just nine posts featuring the brand’s logo on the Instagram feed, the follower count has skyrocketed to over 500,000.

The First Mistake?

According to BIG Little LDN founder Emma Lloyd, American Riviera Orchard’s first set of posts employs an outdated method – multiple images with minimal content to form one large image. Lloyd also notes that as more content is added, the image will likely become distorted and disorganized. Furthermore, she questions whether Meghan’s quick accumulation of over 500k followers with just nine posts hints at the use of fake followers.

Lloyd emphasized that this method doesn’t align with how people engage with content on Instagram. She highlighted that users typically encounter a single post in their feed, rather than exploring an entire channel upfront. She poses a valid question: if the algorithm is serving up uninspiring images, why would anyone bother clicking to learn more and follow the account?

The Second Mistake?

Lloyd pointed out a second mistake from the launch, noting that the launch video was designed for landscape viewing, not the vertical format of an Instagram Story. What was produced resembled a polished TV ad rather than the authentic, unpolished content users expect on the platform.

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