YouTuber Breaks Neck After Plunging Nearly 100 Feet

A Man In Texas Breaks Neck After Plunging Nearly 100 Feet!

YouTuber Anthony Vella, known for his paragliding videos, had a frightening accident and shared the harrowing experience online. In his latest YouTube video, Anthony shared his experience from a hospital bed after three days of treatment. He discussed his injuries, which included a broken neck, back, and pelvis. Additionally, his right arm was badly injured.

When he had the accident, the 33-year-old paraglider was trying out a paramotor BGD Luna 3 above Enchanted Rock State Park in Texas. Let’s dive into more details of the incident.

A Paragliding Mishap: Anthony Vella’s Story of Survival

As mentioned on his channel, Vella is a former US Army soldier who served in Afghanistan. He’s now a pilot and uses his platform to advocate for aviation. Vella was test-flying a BGD Luna 3 paraglider above Enchanted Rock State Park in Arizona. Suddenly, the aircraft collapsed, and he crashed to the ground at 50 miles per hour from about 100 feet in the air.

After the crash, Anthony felt a lot of pain and tried to use Siri to call 911, but it didn’t work. He called emergency services and told them he crashed in the Texas desert. Someone came to help him, but he couldn’t give his exact location. He asked to call his wife while emergency services asked where he was, and he worried about his broken arm. Finally, he reached his wife on the phone, and the ambulance came.

Paramotor Pilot and Youtuber Anthony Vella suddenly falls 85ft out of the sky in horrifying crash
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Despite the serious risk of such a fall, Vella was fortunate to survive and admitted that the accident was his fault. He acknowledged his negligence, stating that the BGD Luna 3 was not to blame for the crash. Vella thanked his subscribers for their support and, despite his injuries, promised to continue creating content in the future.

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