Lime green Golden Retriever Puppy Is Born

Lime green Golden Retriever Puppy Is Born! 

A golden retriever puppy became an internet sensation when she was born with an unexpected color: lime green. The puppy was born in Florida. Carole DeBruler, who owns Florida’s Golden Treasures Kennel, shared videos of the puppy, later named Shamrock, on TikTok. Let’s learn more about this adorable puppy ‘ Shamrock‘.

Shamrock: The little green wonder

Shamrock was born into a litter of eight. Being the smallest, her coat had a very different green color when she was born. DeBruler referred to her as “born lucky” on TikTok because she was born two weeks before St. Patrick’s Day.

In their long history of raising Golden Retrievers, the owners were completely surprised when one of the pups arrived with a unique dark green coloration. This unexpected sight left them in awe, as they had never witnessed anything like it before. The puppy’s remarkable green shade immediately caught the eye among its siblings’ typical golden coats.

After the puppy’s mother had cleaned them, Carole DeBruler noticed that the dark green color usually rubbed off. The puppy became lime green. When Carole posted a video of Shamrock on TikTok, it got 6.8 million views! Carole was thrilled to share Shamrock’s specialness with everyone.

Shamrock’s Green Glow

Shamrock’s green fur isn’t just random—it comes from a green bile called biliverdin, sometimes found in mother dogs’ wombs. This isn’t the only time it’s happened; there was a green bulldog puppy in Nova Scotia in 2022. Shamrock’s owner, Carole DeBruler, says the green is starting to go away, and soon Shamrock will look like a regular yellow Golden Retriever puppy.

The cute green puppy has already been adopted and was the first of her litter to find a loving home. Carole DeBruler, her owner, mentioned that Shamrock’s future family is already head over heels for her. She believes that Shamrock will be everything to them.

Lime green Golden Retriever Puppy Is Born
Image source: Country Living Magazine
Image source: The New York Post

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